eCommerce Meets Point of Sale Meets Back Office, That’s TruCommerce

TRUNO has its roots in point of sale solutions, which means we understand both the complexity and the importance of those systems. We also know it’s vital your POS integrates seamlessly with your back office software. Together, these solutions create the lifeblood of your store. But as customer preferences and needs change, you’ll need new and different technology in order to keep up.

According to a study by the Food Marketing Institute, online grocery sales are predicted to capture 20% of total grocery retail by 2025. As grocers look toward the future of their business, it’s clear that eCommerce technology is a part of that future. What isn’t clear is how those systems will work with a retailer’s existing infrastructure. That’s where TruCommerce comes in.

Proud of Our Past, Looking Ahead to Our Future

We’re proud of the more than four decades we’ve provided our customers with POS hardware and software solutions, but we’re also proud of some of our newer eCommerce offerings:

Swift Shopper – a cloud-based mobile app that delivers relevant and timely deals, accurate on-site product pricing and location, and an expedited mobile checkout that utilizes the retailer’s existing hardware and software. Features like list planning, self-scan and mobile payment offer customers a better in-store experience, while helping retailers serve more customers with fewer resources.

My Cloud Grocer (MCG) – an end-to-end eCommerce grocery solution provider for supermarket chains and large single locations. MCG specializes in helping retailers quickly integrate their brick-and-mortar stores into an online environment. MCG allows grocers to provide a seamless click-and-collect experience for shoppers, resulting in an increase in customer loyalty and retention.

Como Sense – a customer engagement platform that offers store owners the tools they need to deliver digital-age customer experiences. These include actionable data tools, marketing automation, multi-channel communication, a branded mobile app and extensive loyalty features. Through automation and segmentation, Como helps grocers offer their customers a wide range of relevant, personalized and engaging offers.

Bringing It All Together

In the same way that your point of sale system needs to communicate with your back office, both of these need to integrate with your new eCommerce technology solutions. TruCommerce makes that possible.

TruCommerce is the bridge between eCommerce platforms, POS products, and back office pricing data. This custom offering—built by TRUNO and backed by our years of expertise in retail technology solutions—is designed to empower grocers, wholesalers and eCommerce teams to deliver groceries and provide click-and-collect solutions to customers right out of the box, with little or no custom integration work. It enables customers to mix and match POS, eCommerce and back office products, seamlessly tying these systems together.

TRUNO offers the only middleware solution of this type on the market. TruCommerce makes it possible to connect all endpoints together ensuring that loyalty information, data master files, item files, and discounts and promotions are flowing to all areas of your retail business. And API's and professional services are available where native integrations don't already exist, allowing customers and software providers to push and pull data as needed.

Need an eCommerce solution that works with your existing retail technology? TruCommerce can make everything work together seamlessly.

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