Self-Service Checkout

For many shoppers, self-service checkout is no longer an option; it’s an expectation. Self-service checkout shortens lines, optimizes floor space and improves cash management and security. Let TRUNO’s experts identify the right technology for your business, customize your lane layout and train your staff for success.

Solution Overview


Our self-service checkout solutions maximize your floor space, while getting associates out from behind registers and into the store to assist customers. By combining self-service with traditional checkout lanes, you give your customers a greater sense of control, privacy and convenience in their shopping experience.

Our experienced retail specialists will guide you in finding the right self-checkout technology, then integrate it with your existing store systems for seamless operation and data flow. We support multiple manufacturers to ensure you have access to cutting-edge technology and the strongest security available.

Features & Benefits

  • Improves scheduling and balances labor across peak and off-peak periods, giving shoppers a more consistent customer experience

  • Optimizes traffic flow at checkout to reduce the long lines that impede store movement
  • Reduces shrinkage and strengthens loss prevention to improve your profitability
  • Integrates with existing POS systems for seamless operation and data flow
  • Provides contactless payment options, in addition to coin/note and card processing, to give your customers greater flexibility

 Technical Specs


NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout
  • Custom lane configurations with multiple upload and bagging module options
  • Self-learning and self-adjusting weight database to confirm item integrity
  • Integration with Sensormatic and Checkpoint devices
  • Improved scanning accuracy with 780FX Bi-optic scanner with LED Scan Advisor

Toshiba Self Checkout System 7
  • Mix-and-match scanning, payment and bagging modules
  • Support for Toshiba 4690 OS or Windows
  • Industry’s only PCI-validated payment application included
  • Reduced time to scan and bag with loyalty-based trust levels



TRUNO can help you find the right POS hardware and software, integrate them into your existing systems, and provide the service and support you need to keep your business running.

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