Cloud-Based Systems Integration

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Bridging the Gap to Modern Technology

Technology solutions like Loyalty programs and eCommerce are added to the retail market daily; retailers want these new products for their customers. Without TruCommerce, implementing these new solutions into existing POS and Back-Office systems would be expensive and time-consuming. TruCommerce is a cloud-based middleware solution that provides painless and inexpensive integration, permanently bridging the gap to modern technology. TruCommerce enables retailers to mix and match these modern solutions to supply customers with their exact needs. 



What are some modern solutions that integrate? 

A Loyalty Program is an attractive way to keep existing customers loyal; business intelligence of customers' habits provides rewards and incentives to keep them shopping. Statistics show that American businesses spend seven times more money attracting new business than trying to keep existing ones. Rewarding customers for shopping will drive them to remain loyal to the brand. (Source) 

Grocery eCommerce is the future; shoppers today are ordering more groceries online than they did during the pandemic. Retailers' putting their stores online enables customers to browse the shelves from the comfort of their own homes. After ordering, customers can pick up their groceries from the store or deliver them straight to their front door. (Source) 

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Once you’ve selected the hardware and software to keep your business running smoothly, TRUNO can help with implementation, customization and ongoing support.

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