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Store Director

Store Director 4

Creating and Printing Labels with One Device

Store Director is a shelf price audit application for Toshiba & NCR point of sale users that enables associates to audit shelf labels in your stores' with a single device. Minimizing that time-consuming process and offering the ease of searching for items, creating custom lists, and printing labels.


Store Director 3

Features & Benefits

  • Search for an item, view the details and print a label. Users can add, delete, view, print, and export items in custom lists to handle everyday store operations like out-of-stock and price change management.
  • Perform daily price confirmations for auditing shelf tags against the store’s item file.
  • Items can be keyed, scanned, or read using the device’s camera.
  • Easily undo entries that were mistakenly pressed.
  • Easily set parameters for printing a label.
  • Features a clean and easy-to-understand application layout.
  • For Toshiba ACE retailers without an existing back office system, Store Director grants the ability to update the price on items as well as set the "Authorized for Sale" flag of an item.

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