We’re happy to be your retail technology partner. Now that we’ve selected the right hardware and software for your needs, where do you go from here? Even if you have fully staffed installation and IT teams, you’re going to need help with the planning and execution of the project. With 40+ years of experience in retail technology implementations, we’ve got you covered.

Solution Overview


From teardown to buildout, from configuring your systems to connecting the peripherals, there’s a lot of planning—and even more execution— when putting your new retail solution in place. That’s why TRUNO offers Implementation services, to make sure every step is accounted for, every connection is in place and tested, and every bolt and network connection are properly in place—before you go live.

You can trust your TRUNO Professional Services team with your retail implementation.
“TRUNO has proven to react quickly and tackle large projects with short deadlines. No matter what we throw at them, the TRUNO team has never let us down.”

-Brent Benton, Food Giant



Once you’ve selected the hardware and software to keep your business running smoothly, TRUNO can help with implementation, customization and ongoing support.

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