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Easily Balance Your Store's Books and View the Overall Financial Status of Your Store

TruBalance is an additional module that can be purchased for TRUNO’s business intelligence application, TruView. While TruView gives valuable insight into when and why things are selling,  TruBalance is not only designed to give you deeper insight into your store’s financial status, but also help balance your store’s books each day. This includes transactions outside of your registers such as deposits, safe counts, utility payments, lottery sales, and money orders.



  • Easily balance your store's books each day.
  • POS data is automatically imported into TruBalance.
  • Users can easily view daily or weekly data for a selected date.
  • Each click in TruBalance saves up to ten minutes of work.
  • The presentation of the Store Dashboard is highly configurable and easy to use.
  • Easily spot fraud that may have occurred at your registers.
  • TruBalance is available on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring you can view your store's financial status anytime, anywhere.
  • Easily create a CSV export of daily or weekly data.

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  • TruBalance provides a book filtering system similar to TruView that offers a widget-styled view of books.
  • Within a book widget, a user can access Historical data as well as the audit button to see what changes have been made. TruBalance also offers users three pieces of data for each book widget to view: grand total to account for, grand total accounted for, and over under short.
  • Users can filter books with daily, weekly, and monthly views and filter books to only view completed, in progress, or unopened books. If your company has multiple stores, users with access to multiple locations can view across those locations.
  • Once a user has opened a book, that book's status will automatically change to "in progress" and once completed to "complete." Users can manually enter values at the top of the page; the user is prompted with a value and how many are remaining.
  • Compatible with Toshiba ACE, ISS45, and ENCOR POS users.
  • Cloud-based solution for retailers with 1 to 1000 locations.


TRUNO's Risk Management Solutions shield retailers from complications that emerge every day in a retail business, from purchasing goods, monitoring POS systems, customers at checkout, returns, and storing/retrieving data.

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