Remote Systems Management

Managing your systems remotely can create challenges that likely impact more than one department in your organization.  We've developed software to audit your system and proactively monitor its health to identify problems before they happen and provide a view across your enterprise. 

Solution Overview

TRUNO's Portal Suite addresses the challenges of remote systems management in two parts: Audit Explorer and Health Explorer.

TRUNO's Health and Audit Explorer benefits are captured across departments in IT, Support Center, Help Desk and Security Management.

  • Simplifies compliance with PCI standards by reducing manual workload, and replacing multiple inefficient processes for maintaining and assessing compliance 
  • Reduces the risk of store downtime through proactive POS infrastructure monitoring and system maintenance 
  • Facilitates a proactive versus reactive stance to POS issues allowing for greater flexibility with resources

Audit Explorer automatically monitors your POS to check file integrity and validate personalization and configuration settings within regions or different store formats. With Audit Explorer, the retailer can ensure that files match “gold” versions, detect unauthorized changes to store settings and much more. Audit Explorer creates a comprehensive catalog of all critical systems data for the purposes of PCI compliance, software deployment and verification, problem determination, software consistency and data mining.

With Health Explorer, Help Desk or corporate office personnel, can monitor alarms from the stores in the enterprise. Health Explorer monitors activity on the controllers and alerts HQ staff (via e-mail, text, etc.) when issues arise that could impact functionality at the stores. This includes monitoring hardware, EFT status, PIN Pad status, and equipment serial numbers.

TRUNO Portal Features

  • Ensures files match "gold versions"

  • Detects unauthorized changes to store settings
  • Enables unattended version monitoring with email exception reporting
  • Creates a comprehensive catalog of all critical systems data – including file system, configuration, settings, personalization and operator privileges
  • Monitors alarms from the stores in the enterprise in next to real-time
  • Monitors activity on the controllers and alerts HQ staff (via e-mail, text, etc.)

What is being monitored? 

  • EFT status
  • Background applications
  • Critical OS functions
  • PIN Pad status
  • Hardware serial numbers
  • Terminal health statistics

Technical Specs

  • PC/server at corporate will communicate directly with each store controller, and clients only communicate with the corporate devices
  • No point-of-sale application coding for Toshiba ACE
  • No integration required 
  • Deployment is rapid and can be handled remotely 
  • Utilizes a plug-in architecture to easily extend the scope of auditable content 
  • Scalable design with minimal impact on enterprise hardware and network infrastructure 



TRUNO can help you find the right POS hardware and software, integrate them into your existing systems, and provide the service and support you need to keep your business running.

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