When it comes to lane hardware, you want dependable, easy-to-use solutions that can stand up to the rigors of daily use. TRUNO offers a selection of attractive, retail-hardened, and proven stable and secure solutions.

Solution Overview

The checkout lane is one of the customers' last interactions in the store. The correct setup can move them through with speed and accuracy. Our retail experts can recommend the right combination of advanced POS hardware and controllers from the top names in the industry, customizing a solution that’s perfect for your business.

Features & Benefits

  • Choose from a portfolio of devices with a modern look and style, giving you a clean, neutral appearance that blends with any décor
  • Simplify cashier training with instant feedback during scanning, reducing training time and increasing productivity
  • Increase security with visual product validation and fraud detection, reducing loss and increasing profitability
  • Select from multiple neutral color options for a consistent look when mixing products from different manufacturers

Technical Specs


  • Wired and Bluetooth wireless POS handheld 2D scanners from Datalogic
  • Durable, reliable receipt printers from Epson, NCR, and Toshiba
  • Secure payment devices with NFC/contactless-enabled options from Equinox and Verifone
  • High-performance scanner/scales from Datalogic and NCR
  • System controllers from top-tier providers Lenovo and Toshiba



TRUNO can help you find the right POS hardware and software, integrate them into your existing systems, and provide the service and support you need to keep your business running.

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