Back Office Support

To get the most value from your back office systems, you need customized solutions that fit the needs of your business, supported by training, and designed with security and stability in mind. TRUNO Back Office Support provides you with the expertise to select, deploy and maintain the perfect solution.

Solution Overview

TRUNO Back Office Support makes it easy to design, deploy and maintain back office systems that fit the way you run your business. Our dedicated team will help you find the perfect solution, then manage the planning, installation and training. For the life of the product, we are available to manage manufacturer updates and help with system integrations, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your chosen solution.

 Features & Benefits

  • Provides customized back office solutions to fit the specific needs of your business
  • Tailors personalized training on your system, for your employees and your business
  • Eliminates the hassles of tracking and managing system updates, freeing your internal resources

 Technical Specs

  • Host Solutions:
    • Retalix HQ
    • BR Data Host
    • S4 Enterprise
    • ABO-Advanced Back Office
  • Store Back Office Solutions:
    • Retalix Store
    • ABO-Advanced Back Office
    • RBO-Retalix Back Office
    • BR Data Store
    • IMS
    • S4-Store
  • Tag and Label Solutions:
    • RTI-Designer Labels
    • S4-Shelf Image
    • BR Data-Bar Tender



Once you’ve selected the hardware and software to keep your business running smoothly, TRUNO can help with implementation, customization and ongoing support.

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