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Transform Your POS to a Point of Service With ACE

From the Operating System to the ACE POS Solution, Toshiba has engineered its platform for today and tomorrow. The core principle of this solution is extendibility. Allowing critical platform innovation to extend beyond Toshiba and into other solution providers like TRUNO. This removes critical limitations on creativity and resources from one company constraining a product.

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Features & Benefits

Protected Investment – Built for the future. Built to be open. Build for innovation. The Toshiba Platform protects your investment by allowing you to freely choose the kind of experience you want to craft for your customers. 

Faster Checkout – From Cashier to Self-Checkout, the Toshiba Platform provides flexible interfaces, lightning speed scanning, AI-based produce and product recognition, quicker and more advanced payment options, as well as digital and clean receipt printing. Toshiba continues to streamline the POS process to make it as fast and easy to understand as possible. 

Stable and Secure – The Toshiba Platform has industry-leading stability, security, and encryption in a world of ransomware and viruses. The Windows environment is far too open, with readily available tools for hackers to exploit. The Toshiba environment is closed, with tightly controlled tools and documentation.  

Advanced Marketing – Through advanced pricing strategies for items, store or enterprise level electronic/targeted marketing, and support for industry-standard couponing, including GS1 Data Bar support, the Toshiba Platform can deliver an experience that encourages and entices customers to spend more to get more. 

Flexibility through Configuration – The Toshiba Platform can be configured for various business styles. Retail or Grocery, Liquor or Convenience, the POS can meet the goals of your Store Operations Team through personalized Department layouts, Manager Override conditions, Amount Limits, Tender Restrictions, Receipt Printing, and More.

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