DMA Headquarters

When you’ve got hard data to show how your business is performing, you have the power to make it better. Our headquarters solutions give you visibility into all aspects of your business, so you can change and grow along with your customers’ needs. DMA Headquarters is a centralized workflow manager and data repository that lets you turn data into action.

Solution Overview


DMA Headquarters is a centralized workflow manager and data repository—one place where all of the data about your business can be viewed, analyzed and turned into actionable insights. Designed for retail operations, DMA Headquarters provides you with valuable information about all aspects of your day-to-day retail operations, from purchasing to point of sale.

With DMA data integration, you don’t have to worry about juggling multiple data streams. When all your data is consolidated in one location and accessible from a single, easy-to-understand interface, it can inform your decisions as you improve your business.

Features & Benefits

  • Consolidates data streams from multiple systems, giving you a holistic view of business performance

  • Integrates with cash office systems for secure and accurate accounting

  • Automates POS, scale, and tag batching on scheduled or ad hoc basis for greater accuracy

  • Streamlines invoice reconciliation with fully-customizable cost and margin tolerance rules, resulting in reduced administrative time

  • Simplifies purchase order and warehouse integration for faster price adjustments and better cost management

Technical Specs

  • Vendor access portal with integrated security
  • Fully integrated with DMA Store, POS, Scale and Tag Solutions



DMA is retail-focused software designed to aggregate data from across your existing systems and provide in-depth reporting. It’s your data, use it.

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