DMA Store

Need greater visibility and more granular insights into item movement and inventory? Break through data silos with tools that automate and manage your in-store processes. Our DMA Store solution provides visibility into all aspects of your retail operation, so you can identify opportunities for optimization and react to them instantly.

Solution Overview


Our comprehensive suite of web-based applications and tools automate, manage and monitor all aspects of your retail operation. DMA Store simplifies the complexity of your in-store processes, so you can react quickly to opportunities for improvement and maximize profitability.

With DMA data integration, you don’t have to worry about juggling multiple data streams. DMA Store is database agnostic, pulling together data from all your existing applications. And our mobile and portal applications work on any device and any operating system.

The result? Reliable access to exactly the information you want, from wherever and whenever you want to see it. With DMA Store, your data can inform your decisions as you improve your business.

Features & Benefits

  • Access real-time views of receiving, ordering, and inventory across stores, giving you greater corporate visibility and faster business response

  • Simplify receiving with multi-code support, auto/user approval, and re-costing options for better cost control
  • Strengthen shelf price audits with stock tracking, multi-code scanning and price discrepancy reports, resulting in improved profitability
  • Realize ordering efficiencies and time and money savings with multi-level, multi-code ordering, intra- and inter-store transfer support, and aisle/location tracking
  • Improve inventory management with shrink capture reports, customizable adjustment codes and inventory definitions, and multi-code scanning support for ultimate flexibility in tracking

 Technical Specs


  • Web-based and operating system agnostic
  • Direct integration with POS systems



DMA is retail-focused software designed to aggregate data from across your existing systems and provide in-depth reporting. It’s your data, use it.

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