DMA Integration

When you pull together all the information sources throughout your company and supplier environment, you get clear, accurate data that leads to better decision-making across the company. With DMA data integration and process management tools, you can find and address problems with the click of a button.

Solution Overview


DMA integration solutions provide a flexible toolkit to extract, transform, and load data to and from different software systems. Bringing multiple data streams together forms a precise representation of how your entire business is operating. Our process management tools allow users to easily schedule, monitor, and run/rerun jobs with a click of a button.

Features & Benefits

  • Configurable extract-transform-and-load (ETL) tool combines with SQL to design, test, build, and deploy enterprise data solutions in minutes, saving time and avoiding costly development fees

  • Data consolidation enables electronic invoicing and cost variance reporting, adding to the bottom line
  • Single-click process management automates and tracks workflows for faster response and greater accountability

Technical Specs

  • At-a-glance dashboard views
  • Fully-configurable reporting
  • Built-in process management


DMA is retail-focused software designed to aggregate data from across your existing systems and provide in-depth reporting. It’s your data, use it.

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