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Want to Centralize Item Maintenance? 

A hosting application that accumulates and maintains item price and cost data in a central location and sends information to multiple sites or zones. NCR Advanced Back-Office (ABO) Central is NCR’s powerful enterprise-level item management system. ABO Central pulls back item movement and price data from hosted sites for enterprise-level reporting. This application provides price and cost zones so that site locations can be grouped according to an organization’s needs based on geographic area, servicing vendors, or other similar business reasons. 



Features & Benefits

  • Vendor-driven price and batch maintenance 
  • Multi-tiered zone-based pricing, costs, and POS attributes 
  • Item movement and inventory management 
  • Professional installation, configuration, and training services are provided directly by Truno 
  • Electronic File Import/Export: 
    • User-defined import utility capable of supporting many file types 
    • Automatic or manual file import 
    • Map, define and save templates 
    • Every field user-defined 
    • Department, category, and vendor matrix 
    • Easily export data to Excel or CSV
  • Full item management suite for multiple locations utilizing price zones, cost zones, and multiple vendors for items.   
  • A Central data repository for item information, including movement and sales data, reduces the amount of labor at the store level for item and price management. One person can create price changes that apply to multiple stores rather than each individual stores creating the same price changes.
  • All Group, Level and Enhanced Promotions can be set up, configured, and hosted from ABO Central when paired with ISS-45 v8 POS. 

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