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We Have Your POS Fundamentals Covered

Our rock solid POS platforms provide robust and stable solutions for getting your customers through the check out line! Drive sales with advanced promotions and rest assured you have a best in class system running your stores.

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Integrated Store Balancing Solutions

Our integrated store balancing solutions saves time and improves accuracy when balancing your stores at the end of the day/shift. Time and Accuracy equals Profit!

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Loss Prevention Solutions to Add to Your Bottom Line

Kids, Keys and a list of errands a mile long… I totally forgot that case of soda was under there! Catch the honest mistakes and ring up the items before they leave the store unscanned! (Catch the not so honest ones too). Our bottom of the basket solutions add to your bottom line.

DSD Receiving For Back Office Accuracy

DSD receiving is a must to protect your margins and make certain the great deal you made is being carried out! Our back office solutions help you do that!

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Secure WIFI Connection Throughout Your Store

Tell your customers you love them by providing secure WIFI connections for them with our Internet café.

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Wireless Intrusion Monitoring Services

Our wireless intrusion monitoring services can tell you if something funny is going on around your wireless networks. Rogue access points, strange IP’s, they are all threats! Even if you don’t have wireless networks in your store this is still a must to ensure the wrong people aren’t setting up a wireless network that exposes your and your customer’s information. This is a PCI requirement that can be easily achieved with Truno's help.

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Deli Scales Covered By Our Nationwide Service Technician Network

Did you know that Truno can manage and service many lines of meat and deli scales? One company, one call... We have the same great coverage with our nationwide service technician network for scales as we do for all of your other hardware service needs.

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Real Time Employee Tracking to Elevate Your Labor

This is an exciting new technology that is in development. We can take tracking your employee’s performance to new levels! Know when the meat department is busy, exactly how many employees you have in that area, when an employee leaves your store but is still on the clock, and how many trips your sackers make in and out of the grocery store! This is powerful stuff! Reward your great employees and change the behavior of those that need improvement. This will get more productivity with less labor expense. We are willing to pilot this for free to prove it!

seeing is believing
Integrated DVR Technology: More Than Just Security

Cameras aren’t just for slip and fall anymore! Make sure the bakery case is adequately stocked at 6AM (in real time), count traffic at a display, and view your stores on your smartphones or tablets. The camera system is fully integrated with your Point of Sale solution. The resolution is amazing with our professional setup and accurate placement of the cameras. See for yourself… from anywhere!

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Active Helpdesk Monitoring: Staffed 24/7

Our active helpdesk monitoring system sets us apart from the rest of the POS world! Our 24/7 staffed help desk actively monitors your stores with health messages that validate the End-of-Day process runs appropriately, that you have connectivity, that you have adequate disk space and 23 other “checkpoints” to make sure your system is healthy and running smoothly. Let’s wake up to coffee, not unidentified problems.

POS Software

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    TRUNO proudly provides the two industry-leading Point of Sale software systems.  Both software systems include feature-rich front end sales and accountability systems as well as stable and advanced back office systems with reporting, balancing, and system maintenance.  They are fully integrated with other TRUNO provided applications and products

    ✓ Retalix ISS45

    ✓ Toshiba ACE


  • Retalix ISS45

    ISS45 is a system-based, customizable and integrated solution that combines a wide range of features to meet the ever changing service-oriented, cost-conscious grocery retail environment. With quick performance and unparalleled data access and security, ISS45 is both efficient and stable

    • One Size Doesn’t Fit All!
      • ISS45 offers flexible feature sets so we can customize your system for your needs. Just because someone else does it doesn’t mean you have to as well.  Ensure you’re able to operate your business like you want and not like someone else.
    • Rest Easy, It’s Secure
      • Your customers personal information is the most sought after and valuable thing you come in contact every day.  With ISS45 and Connected Payments, you have the most secure POS platform available.  The system is designed so the POS never touches the critical card data and once it’s processed, the data is gone.  Be confident in knowing your customers can shop in a safe environment.
    • Easy to Learn, Easy to Operate
      • With the ability to tailor keyboard layouts and touch screen menus operating ISS45 is simple.  Truno has spent countless hours designing transaction-specific screens and lead-through prompts that create a user-friendly, intuitive experience.  Training time becomes a piece of cake rather than a time consuming headache.   
    • Promote, Increase Customer Count and Basket Size
      • ISS45 v8 leads the pack when it comes to promotional capabilities.  From the most simplistic offer to a complex picnic basket or variable weight promotion, ISS45 can handle it.  We encourage our customers to use their imagination and dream big when it comes to their promotions.

    Toshiba ACE

    Toshiba SurePOS™ ACE is known to deliver the best possible checkout experience for even the smartest retail shoppers.   ACE was one of the first POS applications to offer high volume scanning and electronic marketing, among other checkout innovations. The next generation ACE continues the tradition of innovation and staying ahead of the curve with more advanced features that speed checkout, reduce costs and help drive new revenue.

    • State of the Art POS for Increased Speed
      • Customer wait time shows up on your bottom line. The ACE system is designed to increase speed of checkout with flexible options for cashiers and consumers. Utilizing gs1 data bar, digital and suppressed receipt options and interfaces ACE is feature-rich to keep your customers moving.
    • Providing Industry Leading Security
      • Through the 4690 operating platform, ACE provides for the most stable and secure point of sale system available. Offering enhanced security and options for end-to-end encryption; ACE is developed to keep the security threats out.
    • Technology to Elevate Your Marketing
      • Customer loyalty pays dividends. ACE offers a wide variety marketing products to keep them coming back time and time again. Through store level electronic marketing, Google digital coupons, mobile commerce enabling, In-Lane lottery sales, and alternate pricing strategies for outer departments; ACE has innovative solutions for your marketing strategies.
    • Simplified Deployment and Management
      • Deployment and management of ACE is made simple through features such as: standards based integration, debug and test tools, Terminal options by groups, systems management with Store Gazer, and customization by department or location
    • Retail Hardened for Maximum ROI
      • ACE boasts the most tested and retail hardened hardware in the industry while being the World leader in deployment. With Toshiba ACE you can expect long term ROI and an industry-leading total low cost of ownership.
    • NCR Certified Retalix Provider
      • We are proud to maintain a strong partnership with NCR and Retalix as an NCR Certified Retalix Solution Provider.
    • Toshiba Commerce Alliance Diamond Partner
      • As a Toshiba Commerce Alliance Diamond Partner, we have earned the highest level of partnership status with Toshiba.

POS Hardware

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  • POShardware_solutions_650x614.png

    The TRUNO designed POS lane is developed with speed in mind.  We know customer wait time means potential for customer loyalty loss which shows up in your bottom line.  Our hardware is installed to develop a sleek, modern lane with the latest equipment for efficiency and stability.  We provide solutions to optimize your lane for loss prevention. TRUNO uniquely warehouses our POS equipment peripherals for quick, easy replacement.  Our large inventory of equipment means we provide the fastest, most agile installation in the industry.   

    • Front End Lanes
      • The TRUNO designed front-end lane is sleek and modern. With PoS peripherals stored at the TRUNO in-house warehouse, replacement is easy, inexpensive, and quick.
    • Deli and Bakery
      • TRUNO is fully equipped with everything you need for your deli, bakery, and kitchen. More than just checkout equipment, we also provide kitchen slicers and scales as well as other food service equipment.
    • Mobile and Tablet
      • Mobile checkout is not a matter of the future. It’s here today. Our mobile and tablet point of sale solutions are designed to decrease your customers’ wait time and afford you to connect with them on a social, instantaneous level.
    • Self Checkout
      • Self checkout is something consumers have come to expect. We provide complete solutions to implement the self checkout lane in your store. Our solutions are secure, efficient, and customer friendly


    • NCR
      • NCR solutions optimize efficiencies at the point of sale, enhance the customer experience and transform businesses.  Through innovative solutions NCR addresses retailer needs in multiple industries from grocery to general merchandise to convenience stores and specialty retail including POS software, hardware, kiosks, digital signage, self-checkout, services and more.
    • Toshiba
      • Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is retail’s first choice for integrated in-store solutions. The leading supplier of point-of-sale systems with a worldwide install base larger than any three major competitors combined, Toshiba is committed to delivering innovative commerce solutions that transform checkout, provide seamless consumer interactions and optimize retail operations. Toshiba, along with our global team of dedicated business partners, provides end-to-end solutions; service and support that help clients meet virtually any retail technology need.
    • IBM
      • IBM is the leading provider of technology solutions to grocers with over 30 years experience in delivering point of sale, store and enterprise solutions to large and small grocers alike. IBM's retail solutions deliver the reliability and longevity needed in the demanding grocery environment through innovative hardware, systems management capability and environmental sustainability that lower the grocer’s total cost of ownership.
    • Lenovo
      • Lenovo is one of the world's leading personal technology companies, producing innovative PCs and mobile internet devices. A global Fortune 500 company, Lenovo is the world's largest PC vendor and fourth largest smartphone company.
    • Fujitsu
      • Fujitsu America is an industry leader in POS systems and equipment designed to give grocers a robust, scalable hardware system that offers an optimal price-performance fit. The product family can be custom-configured to meet cost and performance needs.
    • HP
      • For over 40 years, HP has been helping retailers evolve with the dynamics of a changing marketplace, delivering solutions and services from the corporate office to the store front and everywhere in between. Whether you need a traditional POS system and a host of peripherals or something more mobile to serve your customers out on the sales floor, HP has a solution for you.
    • VeriFone
      • VeriFone is the leading payment solutions provider, partnering to help retailers maximize precious face time, reduce walkouts and deliver cross-sell advertising to consumers. Our solutions are designed to carry retailers well into the future with full PCI 3.0 approval, NFC / Contactless support, end-to-end encryption and tokenization and EMV Chip and PIN payments.
    • Epson
      • As a leader in advanced solutions for retail, Epson is known for its reliable products, innovative technology, value and service programs that meet retailers' specific needs. From fast, reliable receipt, label and slip printing to the industry's most accurate MICR reading and check imaging, Epson delivers the proven functionality, easy integration and ROI that grocers demand.
    • Datalogic
      • The Magellan brand of high performance scanners and scanner/scales from Datalogic are world renown for their unstoppable performance and extreme reliability. The Magellan line with its years of continuous development, combined with Datalogic’s deep experience in high volume retail checkout environments, has redefined industry expectations. Magellan scanners and scanner/scales are the definitive benchmark for quality and dependability at the point-of-sale.
    • Janam
      • Janam is a leading provider of rugged, mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly. Janam combines deep industry knowledge with advanced technologies to deliver products with the right features at the right price. Janam handhelds are enabling companies worldwide to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the bottom line.
    • Ishida
      • Ishida is a leading manufacturer of weighing and packaging equipment for the manufacturing, distribution, and retail industries. Under our "Customer First" policy, we have improved our technologies for more than a hundred years and extended our network to cover more than 70 countries in order to provide quality product and service to customer all over the world. Ishida is reliable partner for you.

Back Office Software

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  •  BackOffice_solutions_650x614.png

    Not only is your back office important, it’s tedious.  Our integrated solutions are designed to be efficient and intelligent to decrease your labor hours and provide the reporting you need for your bottom line. TRUNO solutions are developed for independent store back office, and large multi-store corporation management.

    • Warehouse and Inventory Management
    • Pricing and Promotions Management
    • Real-time Data and Reporting
    • Advanced Promotion Hosting
    • Cash Flow and Report Balance Sheet
    • Warehouse Host Interface
    • DMA Headquarters and Store
      • DMA is a retail-focused software engineered to give you the information you want to see, the way you want to see it.  Designed to look across your existing systems and databases, then aggregate the information together to make something usable, DMA includes store and headquarter solutions, data integration and full-featured reporting.  DMA is the industry's superior data repository solution for building, extracting, loading, cleansing, transforming and maintaining store, enterprise and third-party application data.  The DMA solution automates your processes and integrates data for greater efficiency, better decisions and, ultimately, increased profits.
    • NCR Headquarters and Store
      • NCR Retalix HQ Merchandising consolidates vendor, item and store information in a single data repository. HQ enhances productivity by reducing manual data entry and update requirements, and by assuring consistency in upstream supply chain applications and across all store locations.  HQ provides headquarters and store users with centralized item cost, pricing and data management capabilities. It helps improve decision making, pricing accuracy, margin control, and product assortment across the entire retail chain, significantly contributing to increased profitability.
        NCR Retalix Store provides full store-level pricing and inventory management capabilities that empower you to manage prices and control the flow of goods throughout the store. This comprehensive solution offers store level price management and Direct Store Delivery (DSD) receiving capabilities that enable your operation to control file maintenance activities and backroom operations. With Retalix Store, you can easily monitor vendors, control inventory, improve price accuracy, manage assortment and protect margins.
    • BR Data
      • BRdata offers grocery-specific applications that can run locally in the store or via thin-client technology for centralized databases and programs across the enterprise. BRdata Retail BOSS™ is a modular solution, comprising in-store solutions, a corporate host, financials, customer loyalty, price optimization, ad planning/forecasting, inventory, competitor price tracking, branded iOS applications, and fresh item management.
    • RTI
      • Retail Technologies Inc. offers a wide array of sign and label printing software solutions for the smallest retailer up to the largest chain of stores. They have many software applications from which to choose. All of their sign and label printing programs offer the ability to read data from a data item file or any SQL compliant database, process the information through the appropriate template, and print.

Labor Management

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  • Labor management is an ever growing concern for the retailer. With changes to health-care compliance, managing full-time and part-time employees is labor some. TRUNO is proud to partner exclusively with TimeForge to provide an easy, centralized, and efficient solution.



    • Manage Labor by Department
    • Real-time Reporting
    • Online Scheduling
    • Online Attendance Management
    • Online Tracking of HR Documents
    • Centrally Hosted
    • Background Checks
    • Applicant Tracking
    • Integrated Payroll Solution
  • TimeForge

    TimeForge helps retail, grocery, and hospitality businesses manage labor costs and build employee schedules while reducing turnover, increasing retention, and improving profits. Used by businesses throughout the world, TimeForge is designed from the ground-up to simplify the complicated and error prone process of employee scheduling and labor management.


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  • Security_solutions_2.png

    TRUNO provides technology solutions designed to protect your valued customers. “Data breach” is a phrase we are all too familiar within the retail industry. With methods continually changing and developing, being prepared to go to battle against security threats is an ever growing concern. At TRUNO, we refuse to under-invest in the technology solutions that provide your best weapons for securing your systems.

    • Protected Network
      • Rest assured, our network is protected. With secure firewalls through our 3rd party vendor partnership, two-factor remote access, and wireless intrusion monitoring we have invested in the protection to keep threats out. At TRUNO, we log and video record all of our remote access and host a secure network for support computers that access your network.
    • PCI Compliance Consulting
      • PCI is a big concern among retailers, let us guide you through it. As a participating organization of the PCI Security Standards Council, the TRUNO team boasts knowledgeable expertise in PCI rules and regulations. TRUNO maintains working relationships with major PCI auditors and payment application vendors enabling us to stay up to date with ever changing regulations.
    • Continuous Monitoring
      • We keep watch so that you can focus on what’s important - selling groceries. At TRUNO, we continuously monitor for rogue processes of POS lanes, software version monitoring, and remote access reporting.
    • Secure Payment Processing
      • Secure payment processing is vital for customer loyalty. At TRUNO we are able to provide end-to-end software and hardware encryption. No card holder data is ever retained at your stores and is encrypted during the processing and communication.
    • Bomgar
      • Bomgar is a leader in enterprise remote support solutions for easily and securely supporting computing systems and mobile devices. The company’s products help organizations improve tech support efficiency and performance by enabling them to securely support nearly any device or system, anywhere in the world — including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and more.
    • PCI Security Compliance Standards Council
      • The PCI Security Standards Council is an open global forum, launched in 2006, that is responsible for the development, management, education, and awareness of the PCI Security Standards, including the Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), and PIN Transaction Security (PTS) requirements.
    • NCR Global Payments
      • NCR is the leading provider of payment processing and document imaging scanning solutions designed to help banking institutions and corporations deliver innovative products and services in an ever-changing payments landscape. These payment processing solutions, such as remote deposit capture, enable item-based transactions to be digitally captured centrally or distributed (to ATMs, branches, merchant and corporate locations), processed, archived and exchanged for total data perfection.

    Truno partners closely with auditors such as Fishnet, Sword, and Shield.

Loss Prevention

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  • loss prevention.jpg

    TRUNO provides smart loss prevention solutions to protect your bottom line. Loss comes in all shapes and sizes, but often happens at the hands of your own employees. When you are protected with smart technology throughout your store, your bottom line will see the benefit.

    • Sweetheart Theft Protection
    • Bottom of Basket Theft Protection
    • Self Checkout Theft Protection
    • Secure Biometric Manager Override
    • Online Tracking of HR Documents
    • Small Change and Check Loss Prevention
    • Integrated DVR Technology
      • More than just security cameras, the custom interface works directly with your point of sale software to provide real time reporting and analysis. Not only can you protect your assets with eyes throughout your store, our custom software and analytics allows you to monitor and report on both cashier and customer activities. This turns your security system into both a loss prevention tool and a marketing tool.  Protect your store, reduce your shrink and improve you customer knowledge with an integrated DVR equipment and software suite.
    • Datalogic
      • Datalogic is the leading expert in Retail store automation checkout and mobile solutions. High performance checkout scanners are in use by all of the top ten global retailers, mobile solutions in over 500 self-shopping installations and handheld readers deployed as the product of choice by more than 30,000 customers around the world.
    • i3 International
      • For over 28 years, i3 became a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of digital video technologies for today’s security industry. i3 was originally established to assist customers with security installations. However, with subsequent advancements in technology, it soon began to evaluate alternative technology solutions, finding a niche in the production and distribution of digital video management systems. The company quickly excelled in developing cutting-edge technology solutions designed to take conventional security to the next level. i3’s technology platforms include data management software, video matrix software, and POS integration aimed at providing organizations with critical information. i3 also has led the way in the research and development of video analytics software. Over these years i3 have achieved a stellar track record for developing innovative products and achieving long term stability and growth.

Support and Service

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  • Our world class support center is available 24/x7 for you. Help is only a phone call away.

The driving force behind Truno, our unique team-based support center.

24x7 Support Center and emergency on-site
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Complete performance guarantee
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