eCommerce Integration

eCommerce doesn’t have to be difficult or costly to implement. TruCommerce connects your systems and enables data delivery throughout your business. Your customers and software providers can push and pull data as needed, so you can offer click-and-collect solutions.

Solution Overview

For many businesses, data delivery is the biggest pain point and greatest hurdle in implementing eCommerce. TruCommerce is a cloud-based bridge that connects eCommerce platforms, POS systems and back office pricing data, enabling click-and-collect solutions with little to no custom integration work.

Our provider-agnostic approach connects all your systems seamlessly, ensuring that loyalty information, data master files, item files, and discounts and promotions are flowing seamlessly.

Features & Benefit
  • Enables click-and-collect solutions, fulfilling customer demand for flexible shopping options

  • Provides visibility into every aspect of the retail business, enabling deep customer analytics

Technical Specs

  • Integrates with many popular POS systems, including ISS45, Encor, Ace and ACS-I
  • Uses standard APIs for common eCommerce providers, including Amazon, Carted, FreshOp, MyWebGrocer, NoQ, and Rosie
  • Syncs with back office systems, including ABO, BR Data, DMA, HQ, Retalix Store, and S4
  • Supports custom integration for eCommerce providers without an existing interface



The way your customers shop is changing, and TRUNO can help you adapt to meet their needs—whether that means implementing a loyalty program or integrating an eCommerce solution.

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