Grocery eCommerce

In today’s world, true convenience means being able to complete a task without having to leave home. This means grocers have to find a way to bring the supermarket directly to their customers, wherever they prefer to shop. Our eCommerce platform and click-and-collect solution does just that.

Solution Overview

The demand for online convenience is overwhelming. Our eCommerce platform and click-and-collect solution allows grocers to meet that demand, quickly and easily. From the comfort of their own homes, customers can fill their online shopping cart with whatever their local store has in stock. Once the order is placed, the shopper can simply pick up the completed order or request delivery. The actual shopping is taken care of by an on-premise associate.

This eCommerce experience also enables shoppers to bookmark favorite products and access a complete order history for easy re-ordering. In addition, shopping by recipe and access to digital circulars allows for efficient shopping while saving valuable time and money. Providing an option for online grocery shopping can also lead to an increase in purchase frequency, as well as larger basket size.

Features & Benefit
  • Provides an online shopping experience with 0.2 seconds average page load time
  • Allows shoppers to participate in a completely online shopping experience, from order to delivery
  • Engages shoppers with Shop-By-Recipe, digital circulars and Quick Re-Order
  • Maintains shopper satisfaction and loyalty with skillfully engineered fulfillment and delivery modules
  • Manages the eCommerce solution for the grocer’s convenience
  • Integrates participating grocers’ brick-and-mortar stores into an online environment
  • Customizes each website to fit the grocer’s unique needs and branding

Technical Specs

  • Integrates with the existing point of sale (POS), credit card processor and loyalty program
  • Supports large supermarket chains and single location grocers
  • Ensures PCI compliance through highly secure data processes
  • Equips the grocer with eCommerce reporting and analytics
  • Integrates with TRUNO’s TruCommerce solution



The way your customers shop is changing, and TRUNO can help you adapt to meet their needs—whether that means implementing a loyalty program or integrating an eCommerce solution.

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