As both an innovator and integrator of retail technology solutions, we work with partners to deliver top-of-the-line solutions for our customers, most of whom are seeking ways to gather and act on data-driven insights. To help inform grocers about their customers, we have partnered with Como to integrate its Como Sense platform into the point of sale ecosystem.

The goal? To personalize the relationship between grocery chains and their customers, bringing shoppers back more often and increasing the amount they spend in the store.

Como has been pioneering customer engagement solutions in the cloud since 2005. From a start-up formerly known as Conduit, the company’s vision and innovation have led it to become Google’s chief search partner and Israel’s first billion-dollar internet company.

The company’s Como Sense platform offers store owners the tools they need to deliver digital-age customer experiences. These include actionable data tools, marketing automation, multi-channel communication, a branded mobile app and extensive loyalty features. Through automation and segmentation, Como helps grocers offer their customers a wide range of relevant, personalized and engaging offers.

TRUNO works with grocery chains of all sizes to install a POS interface for Como Sense. With this in place, retailers can access Como’s cloud-based platform via a web browser to benefit from features like:

  • Real-time metrics on customer visit frequency and spend per visit.
  • Dynamic reporting tools to measure business micro KPIs.
  • Monthly insights reporting provided by Como.

The insights help retailers better understand their customers, leverage big data capabilities and communicate in a more relevant, easy and effective way. Como Sense also helps grocers stay competitive, with its continuous innovation and quarterly technology updates.

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