PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Skip the Check-Out with Swift Shopper & TRUNO

When TRUNO started serving the retail industry 40 years ago, our focus was on providing point-of-sale systems to grocers. Since then, we’ve expanded our service offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers—and their customers. In addition to POS hardware and software, we provide integrated retail technology solutions that support the front of the store, the back office and everything in between. Today, we’re putting our attention back on the point of sale, but not in the way you might think.

As shoppers continue to seek out convenience, you have plenty of options to help move them through the check-out line more easily. Why not let them skip the line altogether? We’ve partnered with Swift Shopper to help retailers put the point of sale directly into the hands of their customers through a mobile checkout solution.

Swift Shopper is a cloud-based mobile app that creates a more powerful and profitable relationship between grocers and shoppers. Through an integration with TRUNO’s TruCommerce software, Swift Shopper has the ability to deliver relevant and timely deals, accurate on-site product pricing and location, and an expedited mobile checkout that utilizes the retailer’s existing hardware and software.

Scan and go. It’s that easy.

Despite the growing trend of online grocery delivery, Forbes reports that 65 percent of consumers have no interest in buying food or beverages online. But that doesn’t mean grocers shouldn’t be innovating to improve the in-store experience. This can start the same place the grocery list starts: in the shopper’s home.

With Swift Shopper, customers can use the “Plan” feature to create a shopping list. They can scan UPCs of items as they run out or manually type items from kitchen or pantry to add to their list. Shoppers can find relevant deals from circulars in their area to add to the list or reference the order history associated with their profile. They can also share their lists so multiple members of household can contribute, with added items appearing in real time.

Once they’re ready to shop, customers use the app to check in to the market of their choice. This lets shoppers sort their lists by aisle or product location and also helps them locate in-store deals.

The app checks items off the list as the shopper scans them, then adds them to a virtual cart. And if the shopper didn’t create a list ahead of time? No problem. They can simply scan and bag items as they shop—what Swift Shopper calls “shopping on the fly.”

Once they’re ready to pay, shoppers can make a cashier-assisted payment at a designated “FlyThru” check-out lane, or they can submit a mobile payment via credit card or through Apple or Google Pay. If customers use the mobile checkout option, they present their receipt to a store employee for validation as they leave the store.

Mobile checkout is more than a trend.

Self-scan and mobile checkout take friction out of the buying process. This makes it faster and easier for shoppers to pay, which in turn gives them more time to shop—not to mention heightening customer loyalty.

The retailer benefits, too. Cashiers can be reassigned to positions that focus more on sales generation or customer service, rather than just collecting payment. Other benefits include:

  • Driving greater foot traffic: attract new customers, particularly Millennials
  • Increasing basket size: recommend highly relevant deals
  • Serving more customers: meet increased demand with fewer resources


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