Loyalty Programs

Did you know that the average purchase amount of loyalty program members is higher than that of non-members? TRUNO’s loyalty solution makes it easy for you to implement and manage rewards programs, create mobile offers and identify loyalty program members at the register.

Solution Overview


Loyalty programs use real-time performance data and customer analytics so you can better understand your customers and influence their behavior. TRUNO’s loyalty solution seamlessly integrates with your POS and other systems. Together, they give you the business intelligence to uncover customer motivators, identify upselling opportunities and turn that knowledge into sales. With data-driven customer engagement, you can target customers with personalized offers that motivate them to return—and spend—again and again.

Features & Benefits

  • Personalize your loyalty program with rewards and incentives for joining—including birthday recognition, points, cash back and digital punch cards—for the ultimate flexibility in differentiating your program

  • Offer your own branded mobile app to manage digital rewards and payment, without the time and expense of custom development

  • Automate campaigns that target customers by profile and purchase history, saving you time while still reacting quickly to opportunities

  • Communicate with your customers via the channels they prefer, including SMS, push notifications, app messages, social media and email integration

  • Identify program members at the register, providing opportunities for upsells and increasing profits

Technical Specs


  • Branded mobile app available for iOS or Android
  • Campaign targeting by profile or purchase history
  • Single control panel for program operations, campaign automation, content delivery, and app management



The way your customers shop is changing, and TRUNO can help you adapt to meet their needs—whether that means implementing a loyalty program or integrating an eCommerce solution.

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