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All I Really Want for Christmas is the Perfect Retail Solution

Jared Black, December 18, 2018

Each time I talk to a retailer about solutions that truly meet their unique needs, I’m reminded why I chose to come to TRUNO in the first place. I’ve experienced first-hand the challenges today’s retailers face every day, and I’m proud to be part of a team dedicated to helping them find their True North when it comes to retail technology.

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5 Benefits to Switching from NCR ISS45 v8 to ENCOR

TRUNO, November 26, 2018

With the shift in consumer demands, staying relevant and ahead of the competition is becoming an increasing challenge for grocery retailers. Legacy POS systems and outdated technology put you at risk for being left behind. NCR ENCOR provides more than a modern point of sale. It is a complete platform of service, creating a friction-less shopping experience designed to keep your customers coming back.

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eCommerce Meets Point of Sale Meets Back Office, That’s TruCommerce

Kara Watson, October 30, 2018

TRUNO has its roots in point of sale solutions, which means we understand both the complexity and the importance of those systems. We also know it’s vital your POS integrates seamlessly with your back office software. Together, these solutions create the lifeblood of your store. But as customer preferences and needs change, you’ll need new and different technology in order to keep up.

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How to Overcome the Biggest Challenges in Price Management

Jared Black, July 3, 2018

Having spent my entire career in the grocery industry, I’ve had first-hand experience with the challenges our customers face. I spent more than a decade as an IT director for a 14-store grocery chain. While that role presented plenty of challenges, it gave me insight into one of the most difficult roles in the grocery store—back office management. 

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Need to Transform Your Retail Warehouse Management? Data Analytics Can Help

Kara Watson, May 8, 2018

Using data to drive operational decisions in the grocery store was a hot topic at the 2018 TRUNO Client Conference. (If you haven’t already, check out our previous post on key takeaways from the event!) This is a trend we’ve been following for a while.

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Introducing TRUNO's New Brand Family!

Kara Watson, November 10, 2017


With four strategic acquisitions under our belt, TRUNO announces the 2018 launch of an updated brand family.  The new brand architecture reflects the integration of the company's two recently acquired products in back office and human capital management software.