TRUNO Professional Services: A Deep Dive into TRUNO’s Service and Support Departments

Over the last few months, we have covered both TRUNO’s warehousing and staging departments and our installation and training departments. These teams are essential in getting your new technology solutions staged, shipped, and installed into your store, but now that they’re in your store and your team has been trained on how to use it, what happens if anything breaks? What if there is a major software upgrade for your POS system? Fortunately, TRUNO’s Service and Support Network is equipped to quickly handle these issues to ensure that your store’s operations continue as smoothly as possible. 

Service and Support is usually referred to as if it is one department, but make no mistake, these are two different teams that work hand in hand to bring retailers of all shapes and sizes highly reliable, around-the-clock technical support for your POS system. 

When you have any POS technology issue in your store that needs to be addressed, you must first call our TRUNO Support Center. This is the team that not only will dispatch our service technicians, but can also monitor your store, provide software resolutions through level I, II, III, and IV support, remotely upgrade software, and much more. Our live Support Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that a real person is always available to answer your call for expert troubleshooting and problem resolution, even in the middle of the night. Each retailer with our Service and Support is assigned a dedicated technical support manager and a technical project lead. This allows for each store’s managers to frequently speak to the same TRUNO team members, establishing an ongoing relationship and creating a true partnership. This also allows us to train our support technicians to intimately know each store and their specific needs. While many issues or upgrades can be handled by our support team remotely, there are still plenty of occasions where one of our service team members will need to be dispatched to your store. 

TRUNO’s Service team currently operates in all 50 US states. Like our installation team, all our technicians are W2 employees, never subcontractors, who are trained in house and managed by our seasoned TRUNO experts. When your store needs something like a pin pad repaired or replaced on a lane, we utilize GPS tracking to identify the closest technician to your store. By managing customer specific spare inventory locally, we can contact the technician with confidence that they have the equipment needed and send them to your store to replace the pin pad. When the TRUNO technician arrives, they will be uniformed and wearing a photo ID badge. Before they leave your store, our technicians be sure to Finish Like a Professional, our team mantra for over 40 years. This means that not only will the pin pad be fixed, but the lane will be in better condition than when we found it, without any loose wires or mess. 

To prevent any problems that may arise with your POS technology, TRUNO offers preventative maintenance. PM’s are proven to minimize issues in store operations and maximize your POS system’s life. It also helps keep your front end clean and working efficiently, which improves customer retention and your employee’s working experience. 

While TRUNO’s staging, warehousing, installation, and training teams primarily involve getting your new POS solution into your store, our Service and Support teams are there to maintain the heartbeat of your store’s POS technology once it has already been installed. Whether it is a remote software update to a pin pad, or a broken printer cable, TRUNO’s Service and Support teams work together to ensure that your operation runs smoothly through proactive monitoring, preventative maintenance, and rapid-response repairs.  



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