TRUNO Professional Services: A Deep Dive into TRUNO's Installation and Training Departments

In last month’s blog post, we covered TRUNO’s warehousing and staging departments. Two departments that work seamlessly in tandem to help bring secure and stable technology solutions to retailers across the country. But once those teams have successfully completed their job and the technology has been staged and shipped to your store, what happens next? This is where TRUNO’s Installation and Training departments come into play. 

TRUNO’s Installation Department is responsible for implementing your new POS solution into your store. This requires our team of professionals to travel to your store, install any hardware that’s needed, upgrade or change software, and most importantly, make sure that everything is connected and tested before your new solution goes live. 

Our installation team primarily operates out of our Lubbock, Texas, and Greenville, South Carolina offices. We use all W2 employees, never subcontractors, which allows us to use our offices to help teach new installers about the equipment they will be working on before they actually enter the field. It also allows installers to gain experience in both the warehouse and staging departments. This gives installers a deeper understanding of both the POS technology they will be working with, as well as TRUNO as a company and our other professional services teams. 

TRUNO’s installers are both seasoned Point-of-sale technicians as well as nationwide travelers. With customer locations in New York City all the way to Hawaii, the TRUNO team travels and works around the clock to set your store up for success. We complete projects for 1 to 1000 location retailers and are frequently handling multiple rollouts that require our team of technicians to be across different states and time zones while doing different jobs for different retailers. While this high volume of projects can sometimes be complicated, our dedicated team works to complete projects on tight deadlines and gets things right - the first time. 

Once everything has been installed and is running smoothly in your store, it’s time for your store’s team members to be trained in using the equipment by TRUNO’s Training Department. Many of our training specialists are retail veterans, having years of POS technology and in-store experience before joining the TRUNO team. These specialists will encounter almost every team member in your store to train them on at least one aspect of their job. When TRUNO is on-site, our goal is to train every employee possible, but our even bigger goal is to ensure that your customers have a seamless, frictionless, grocery shopping experience. 

For something like a new store opening, our training team typically spends three days on-site. Day one is primarily spent with front-end staff such as cashiers and managers. Day two is primarily focused on spending time with managers covering opening procedures, ads, promotions, reporting, etc., and day three is mostly spent finishing anything else that needs to still be addressed. TRUNO also offers other types of training for specific store departments and technologies. For example, our back-office training covers price changes, imports from the warehouse, movement reporting, and DSD receiving. Another training that we offer is our balancing training, where our TRUNO specialists spend two mornings opening and closing your store with your management team. Here we focus on improving procedures and making recommendations to improve shortages from balancing. 

At the end of any TRUNO training session, our training staff will complete a checklist of what has been done, as well as provide TRUNO documentation that will be custom to your store, providing specific instructions that align with your policies and procedures. The final step of any training is to discuss our 24/7 TRUNO Service and Support teams to ensure that if any issue arises, your team knows how to contact TRUNO to resolve the problem. Interested in learning more about our Service and Support teams? Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for next month’s final professional service deep dive covering TRUNO’s Service and Support. 



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