All I Really Want for Christmas is the Perfect Retail Solution

Each time I talk to a retailer about solutions that truly meet their unique needs, I’m reminded why I chose to come to TRUNO in the first place. I’ve experienced first-hand the challenges today’s retailers face every day, and I’m proud to be part of a team dedicated to helping them find their True North when it comes to retail technology.

What surprises me most, however, is how many retailers think a one-size-fits-all solution will work for their stores. We’ve worked with enough retailers over the past 40 years to understand and accept that every store and every chain is unique. What makes you unique also helps you stand out from your competition. Why would you change that, just to conform to someone else’s notion of what constitutes a retail solution? That’s why the TRUNO Customization & Development team exists: to tailor solutions that meet the workflow, product offering, ordering, and staffing needs of each individual customer. 

While there are certain solutions most any retailer needs, how they implement those solutions may vary. We understand that as well, and our Professional Services team can help here too. Even if you have fully staffed IT and installation teams, you need expertise with planning and execution to properly bring many of these new technologies online. Our team can provide that expertise and experience from teardown to buildout, and from configuring your systems to connecting and testing every peripheral device.

But what about the legacy systems, applications, and data that has to work seamlessly with your new solution? We’ve got that covered, too. TRUNO Systems Integration services can connect the new systems to your existing ones for a cohesive solution. Whether it’s adding a new offering to one or more of your stores, or building a new location from the ground up, there will always be other applications and data sources that have to fit into your new TRUNO solution. To get the most out of your new technology, the data needs to be flowing freely from one solution to the next, and we can help make that a reality.

As you look to 2019 and plan for the year ahead, let TRUNO help you identify, customize, implement and integrate all of the retail technology you need to succeed.


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