Introducing TRUNO's New Brand Family!


With four strategic acquisitions under our belt, TRUNO announces the 2018 launch of an updated brand family.  The new brand architecture reflects the integration of the company's two recently acquired products in back office and human capital management software. 



DMA is retail-focused software engineered to give you the information you want to see the way you want to see it. Designed to look across your existing systems and databases, then aggregate the information together to make something usable, DMA includes store and headquarter solutions, data integration and full-featured reporting. 

TimeForge is a complete human capital management solution with a team of modules working together to share information.  Combine that with sales and operational data, and you have a labor management powerhouse for maximizing your workforce.  

Additionally, TRUNO, SAM Group, and StorePOS formally united efforts becoming the most elite retail technology provider in the industry in 2017.  The joined companies serve approximately 8,000 retail locations nationwide.  With a team of over 360, they employ the industry’s most premier product and development talent in the country.  The combined TRUNO team affords retailers of any size the ability to expand the capacity of their technology through innovative integration and unmatched service. Effective March 2018, the SAM Group and StorePOS brand identity will assimilate into TRUNO.    

Trio Logos.png

"Over the course of the last 18 months, we have aligned our talent as the most trusted technology provider in the retail industry.  As we enter into 2018, retailers of any size, nationwide, will turn to the TRUNO brand family for integrated solutions in point-of-sale, productivity, margin management, digital commerce, and risk management.  As the industry evolves, so does the TRUNO solution.  We remain constant in our partnership; navigating retailers towards security, stability, and integrated solutions."

-Brad Ralston, Chief Executive Officer

Over the course of the next several months, updated branding will be reflected in your interaction with TRUNO, and the DMA and TimeForge products.  Users should expect to see change through a cohesion in the design, messaging, and experience across all brands under TRUNO.  Business will continue as usual without interruption.  The brand family is set to make its first formal appearance at the TRUNO Client Conference scheduled for April 9-11th, 2018



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