Transform Your Retail Warehouse Management, Data Analytics Can Help

Using data to drive operational decisions in the grocery store was a hot topic at the 2018 TRUNO Client Conference. (If you haven’t already, check out our previous post on key takeaways from the event!) This is a trend we’ve been following for a while.

We knew the role of data in retail would only continue to grow, which is why TRUNO made the strategic move to acquire DMA, a comprehensive back office software solution, in 2017. DMA provides insights into practically every aspect of retail operations—from purchasing to point of sale. This retail technology looks across all your existing systems and databases, then aggregates and analyzes the information to uncover actionable insights.

While end-to-end visibility into retail store data is vital across all areas of store operations, it’s particularly important when it comes to warehouse management. Your warehouse is the lifeblood that feeds all of your stores—through our DMA Headquarters Solutions, you can ensure healthy and efficient warehouse operations, with features that allow store owners and operators to:

  • Create and manage vendor purchase orders
  • Manage pre-book orders
  • Consolidate and manage store-created warehouse orders
  • Use flexible order types
  • Analyze data through current, future and historical views
  • Maintain visibility within the distribution center
  • Track activity through dashboards
  • Synchronize orders with vendors

Access to data and analytics enables you to act on information quickly, resulting in a noticeable impact on your bottom line. It allows you to make timely, informed decisions that increase efficiency and—ultimately—boost profits.

Ready to put all that data to work in your warehouse? TRUNO can help with our DMA Headquarters Solutions.

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