TRUNO Employee Spotlight: Marc Bernard

Employee Spotlight - Marc Bernard

We are pretty proud of TeamTRUNO. From software programmers to administrators, support engineers to service technicians, TRUNO is comprised of a lot of talented folks working hard every day to bring leading innovation and reliable services to the retail marketplace.

Marc Bernard is a wizard when it comes to the Toshiba ACE and SA point-of-sale solutions. Key in developing many of TRUNO's integrations and user hooks, Marc understands the complexity of the technologies and how to craft them to suit the needs of each unique retailer.  Marc is always seeking to expand his knowledge and learn new skills, a trait that keeps him on the edge of technology and continuously bringing value to the table for our customers.

Read Marc's interview below to learn more about  why we think he's a real asset to TRUNO and the customer. 


What did you do before working at TRUNO?

I started working as a software developer just after college.  I began in Maryland developing code for an IBM Chain, GSA, and Specialty Applications.  After that, I moved to Houston supporting Randall’s Grocery Stores using IBM Supermarket Application. After a brief stint with Kincaid Technologies - a small payment processor out of Colorado Springs, I found myself working at Malloy’s Cash Register, which would eventually become TRUNO.

Tell us a little more about you.

I hold a commercial pilot’s license and on weekends, I work as a flight instructor.  When I’m not flying or programming, I enjoy hiking, fly fishing, and brewing beer.  My wife and I are active members of a local home brew club in Albuquerque.

As a Systems Analyst Manager, much of your job is about understanding and solving problems for retailers. What trends are you seeing in grocery today?

The trend I see with grocery today is online, online, and online.  Customers are shopping more with their mouse than with a basket.  I don’t think the traditional model of a brick-and-mortar grocery store is going away completely, but certainly the services offered by those stores will have to adapt to the more online-savvy customer. Things like curbside pickup and home delivery are becoming familiar features in the shopper’s experience.  As we develop solutions for retailers, we have to keep this in mind and allow the flexibility for our solutions to adapt to these features.

What has been your most rewarding project?

I really enjoyed the Como Loyalty project.  It introduced me to Web Services and JSON messages.  The real kicker was seeing it in action at the 2018 Client Conference – Como was able to enroll a customer at their booth, then pull it up on point-of-sale lab simulation and retrieve benefits in real time, via the cloud.  Seeing the whole system work in the way it was designed was a great feeling.

The way technology can support retail business, especially in grocery, is evolving. What emerging technologies makes you most excited?

Again, there’s an obvious push towards online shopping. Cloud services, data warehousing, and customer analytics will become key elements for any POS provider.  Within the actual stores, technologies such as scan-and-go mobile shoppers, interactive self-serve kiosks, and line-buster devices are becoming commonplace.

What pushed you to continue your education in Computer Engineering? How will it apply to your career as a whole?

A good friend of mine mentioned the program to me.  The degree is a Master of Science in Computer Engineering – Internet of Things, at the University of New Mexico. With TRUNO’s push to evolve the TruCommerce product, along with online and interconnected devices becoming essential in retail, it's a very good fit as we move into the future.

What do you enjoy most about working at TRUNO?

The environment is very easy to work in.  TRUNO is small enough to remember its roots as a family-based business, but large enough to handle nationwide customers.  The ability to learn and grow has always been available to me.  We handle challenges as a team. I like to tell people, "I don’t work for my boss, I work with my boss."

Lastly, what advice would you give someone starting in your field?

If you have an interest in computing, whether it be networking, programming, or engineering, that’s great.  Build a foundation, then keep learning and keep up with technology.  Things change so quickly, it’s easy to get left behind.  Never be afraid to ask questions, and never be afraid to try something new.

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