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No Signature Required: Changes to Payment Processing

Paul Willoughby, August 7, 2018

In April of this year, all of the major credit providers—Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover—did away with requiring signatures at the point of sale. Why did they require signatures in the first place, why don’t we need them now, and what does this change mean for retailers?

Point of Sale (3)

The Grocerant: Where Convenience is King

Kara Watson, June 25, 2018

Not so many years ago, grocery shopping used to be a more personal experience. Families shopped at the same store every time, usually on Sundays, to buy food and supplies for the week. It was quite common—and even expected—for shoppers to build relationships with store employees. The butcher knew customers’ names and what cuts their families preferred. And the cashier greeted them with a smile and asked them how their day was going.

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Kara Watson, June 6, 2018

As both an innovator and integrator of retail technology solutions, we work with partners to deliver top-of-the-line solutions for our customers, most of whom are seeking ways to gather and act on data-driven insights. To help inform grocers about their customers, we have partnered with Como to integrate its Como Sense platform into the point of sale ecosystem.

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How Self Checkout Can Balance Service with Customer Demands

Kara Watson, May 22, 2018

According to a report published in Food Dive earlier this year, 95 percent of shoppers just want to be left alone in stores. What does that mean for customer service-oriented grocers? Turns out self checkout meets the needs of customers—in more ways than one. 

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Are you still PCI Compliant?: Changes to Payment Regulation in 2018

Kara Watson, May 15, 2018

Earlier this year, enforcement of the latest version of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS 3.2) went into effect. The new payment security regulation, originally introduced in 2016, is aimed at better preventing, detecting and responding to cyberattacks that can lead to payment data breaches. 

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Super Bowl Sunday - Did you Have a POS (Game) Plan

TRUNO, February 7, 2017

Another Super Bowl has come and gone and with it so has all the hype, fun, and crazy emotions that are a part of it – especially if your favorite team was lucky enough to compete for the championship.

As a grocer or owner of another retail-based business, you undoubtedly enjoyed the sudden spike in sales that comes with Super Bowl Sunday. The National Retail Federation estimates that the average viewer annually spends around $80 (and more) on the Super Bowl, which includes game-day food, athletic wear, and more.

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Why a New Year Means a New POS Terminal

TRUNO, January 10, 2017

 It’s a New Year and, hopefully for your retail business, one filled with new goals and excitement for the year ahead.

It may also be time for a new Point-of-Sale terminal.

While implementing new technology can be a bit daunting at times – the alternative of running an outdated POS system that’s slowing down your operation and missing key data about your customers is far from ideal. So, why not ring in the New Year with a new system that will pay long-term dividends?