5 Tips to Prevent and Repair POS Issues over the Holiday Rush

With the holiday season now finally upon us, there also comes the holiday rush. With a larger volume of customers coming in for their Thanksgiving turkeys, Christmas presents for loved ones, and New Year’s Eve Champagne, the holidays can sometimes bring unwanted stress to your store. If times get stressful, the last thing you would want to run into is any POS issues that prevent your lanes from functioning correctly. So, before we enter the week of Thanksgiving, (and more specifically Black Friday) TRUNO has 5 tips from our Director of Service, Kyle Hein, to help retailers get through the holiday rush.

1. Care for Your Equipment

It is especially important to emphasize to your team to take extra care with your equipment when there is more foot traffic in your store. More customers mean that your team members are more likely to rush, being rougher than usual on your valuable POS equipment such as cash drawers and keypads. So, before the holiday rush, it is best for store managers to remind their team to treat the equipment with care to decrease any POS failures or problems during your busiest season.  Rushing can also lead to shortcuts.  Remember to keep up all end-of-day cleaning processes to help maintain the equipment.

2. Remember Your Processes in Place

Speaking of processes, during the holidays many retailers implement promotions and donation programs into their POS. Some of these require a specific sequence of events to occur during checkout, which if done incorrectly, can lead to delays and lockups. When retailers decide to put these temporary holiday processes in place, they need to ensure that their front-end staff are adequately trained in how to use them.

3. Listen to Your Register

If a front-end or self-checkout lane does run into a technical issue, they will often communicate what the problem is and where to solve it. For example, a cash jam on a self-checkout lane will often tell you where to check, empowering team members to solve the problem themselves in minutes. Sometimes front-end lane issues can also be solved by troubleshooting a few simple things and then rebooting the lane. For example, if a printer is suspended on a lane, check the paper, ensure the printer is closed, ensure everything is plugged in and connected properly, and then reboot the lane. If there are any further problems, TRUNO is always a call away. 

4. Don't Wait to Call Your Problem in

While this may seem obvious, if you have a POS issue that can’t be easily remedied, don’t wait to call your problem in. This happens more often than you might think, especially when retailers are swamped with customers over the holidays. Even if a lane goes down, your staff may feel too busy to call in a ticket right away, which can sometimes result in it being lost in the shuffle.  When TRUNO is brought in to resolve quickly, the details leading to the issue are often still clear among team members. Knowing the steps leading to the issue can be valuable forensics information when resolving.

5. Remember to Rely on TRUNO's Service and Support

TRUNO understands that the holidays are the busiest time of the year for retailers of all shapes and sizes. That’s why we offer a 24/7 live support center and a nationwide service team that offers extended holiday service hours. We manage customer-specific inventory locally, meaning if something breaks, we can have a TRUNO technician at your store with the correct part on the same day that it broke. Additionally, TRUNO also offers preventative maintenance, which not only extends the life of your POS technology but also offers greater reliability in your POS system when you need it the most.  The best tip we can offer is to have a trusted, reliable partner just a phone call away. 

A True Partnership that Keeps Your Store Reliable

While the holidays will always come with some stress for retailers, they can be exponentially less stressful just by caring for your equipment, adequately training your team, and listening to your registers. If there are still any issues that occur, having reliable service and support teams by your side can help fix the issues in a matter of hours, not days, to ensure that your lanes keep operating smoothly to provide better customer service and increased sales.

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