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5 Tips to Prevent and Repair POS Issues over the Holiday Rush

Kyle Hein, November 15, 2023

With the holiday season now finally upon us, there also comes the holiday rush. With a larger volume of customers coming in for their Thanksgiving turkeys, Christmas presents for loved ones, and New Year’s Eve Champagne, the holidays can sometimes bring unwanted stress to your store. If times get stressful, the last thing you would want to run into is any POS issues that prevent your lanes from functioning correctly. So, before we enter the week of Thanksgiving, (and more specifically Black Friday) TRUNO has 5 tips from our Director of Service, Kyle Hein, to help retailers get through the holiday rush.


Grocery Retail is Busier Than Ever, Don't Forget This Key Investment

Kyle Hein, August 5, 2022

Nearly half of consumers polled stated they still prefer grocery shopping in-store. The reality is shoppers like having control over the selection of produce they eat and enjoy the experience of hand-selecting the food they feed their families. Grocery shopping and cooking at home is both an essential activity, and a source of entertainment, comfort and luxury. Couple this omnipresent human nature with rising inflation, labor shortage, and supply chain issues, and the online grocery shopping spotlight is beginning to dim.


Build a Bridge to Technology Freedom... Why A Grocer Needs TruCommerce

Greg Moody, February 24, 2021

We know Grocery is the most complex sector of retail.  Weighing produce and meats, managing out of stocks, and reacting to price changes across an inventory that often includes well over 30,000 items is challenging.  Layer in an unprecedented year like 2020 – and retailers are juggling the same operational challenges but with an overnight increase in sales and complete paradigm shift in consumer behaviors.  To meet these consumer behaviors retailers are implementing new technology.