TRUNO, Retail Technology Solutions Releases New Brand, Worx Payroll

TRUNO today announces the release of their payroll and human resources product brand, Worx Payroll (Worx). The software and its team are focused on simplifying payroll and human resource functions for small to medium size business with intuitive software and unmatched customer service.


Payroll is a function that impacts all areas of business—employees, HR, business services and more. Worx streamlines communication between groups with software that integrates with other systems for secure transfer of sensitive information.

Worx makes it simple for business owners to protect their business by ensuring compliance with state and federal tax laws, as well as changing ACA requirements. And the Worx advanced reporting options make it easy to meet the requirements of regulatory filings, audits and more.

“We have leveraged decades of experience in payroll to bring together the leading technologies in the industry as a part of the Worx platform. From simple payroll processing, to accounting system integration, and human resource compliance – Worx has it covered.” Worx Payroll Chief Operating Officer, Jonyce Putman stated. “But, Worx doesn’t stop with installing software. Our team takes pride in working in tandem with small to medium business owners to take care of their people.”

Worx currently serves over 250 businesses in payroll and human resource solutions in West Texas, and nationwide. The product will operate as a part of TRUNO, a retail technology solutions provider doing business with over 12,000 locations, nationwide.

About Worx Payroll by TRUNO:

Worx Payroll is a suite of tools to manage employee payroll, HR, time & attendance, and more from a single portal that provides a comprehensive solution. These solutions are backed by the experience and expertise that the TRUNO brand is known for, so you can feel confident Worx Payroll will guide you and your team on the road to success.


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