TRUNO, Retail Technology Solutions Appoints New CEO

TRUNO, Retail Technology Solutions Appoints David L. Miller New Chief Executive Officer

November 6th, 2015 - LUBBOCK, TEXAS: TRUNO, Retail Technology Solutions (“TRUNO”) announced today that the Board of Directors has appointed David L. Miller as Chief Executive Officer effective November 1st, 2015.

“The appointment of David L. Miller as the new Chief Executive Officer is a strategic decision to catapult TRUNO into a new era of innovation, product development, and market growth. David is a very accomplished business leader that will bring fresh perspective, new ideas, and incredible leadership to TRUNO”, said Brad Ralston, TRUNO’s preceding CEO.

David is a team-oriented, strategic leader with a focus on enhancing results.  He has served as a senior executive in publicly traded and privately held technology companies and David also served as the Chairman of an equity fund with over $500M in investments and $3B in follow-on funding to date.  In addition to his executive roles, he has provided tactical insights and coaching to executive teams to enhance strategic thinking and create organizational clarity and health.  David has played a key role in the due diligence, acquisition and integration of six companies during his professional career.  David earned his Juris Doctor and MBA from Texas Tech University. 

Energized to be a part of TeamTRUNO, David added, “I am elated to join such a strong team of leaders committed to retailers achieving extraordinary results through partnership and utilization of TRUNO’s suite of innovative and reliable solutions.”

TRUNO also announced Brad Ralston will remain on the Board of Directors and assume the role of Chairman. He will continue to be an integral leader at TRUNO through his support of David and the entire executive team. Brad joined TRUNO in 2006 as Chief Financial Officer, serving as Chief Executive Officer since 2011. Under his leadership, TRUNO has seen revenue figures increase by 566%. During his tenure, Brad successfully managed six acquisitions, and led the strategic launch of the TRUNO, Retail Technology Solutions brand.  

TRUNO and its Board of Directors are confident in a bright future led by David Miller as Chief Executive Officer.


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