Thought Leadership - Top 5 Labor Management Technology Best Practices

Top 5 Labor Management Technology Best Practices

Thought LeadershipThere’s no denying it. New government regulations are making labor management more and more complex for business owners. With the part-time and around-the-clock labor force expanding, it is becoming increasingly important to track your labor hours accurately. Labor is often a large portion of expenses contributing to the bottom line. And, although a worthy expense, a well-executed labor management strategy can ensure you are investing in your team wisely.

We sat down with labor management expert, Anthony Presley of TimeForge, to gather our Top 5 Labor Management Technology Best Practices:

  1. Set up real-time notifications when an employee is near exceeding their scheduled hours. This allows you to make the decision to get them off the clock before you spend the extra labor dollars.
  2. Analyze daily comparisons of the schedule vs. attendance data to ensure mLabor Managementanagers are aware ahead of time if an employee is working more or less than projected for the week.
  3. Invest in the technology to eliminate employee buddy punching. Biometric fingerprint scanners can be used to clock in and out hourly workers accurately.
  4. Implement weekly reviews of the ACA standings to ensure you know where your full time and part time employees stand. Employees should meet, not exceed or fall short of, the allotted FT/PT hour requirements in order to keep your labor budget efficient.
  5. Hold everyone accountable with cloud-based data made available from anywhere, even right on your smart phone. Making data available to everyone reduces the opportunity for surprises.

Truno is proud to partner exclusively with TimeForge to provide complete labor management technology solutions integrated directly into your POS system. The TimeForge suite of products will control labor costs, improve staff communication, record key performance indicators, increase the job satisfaction of employees, reduce turnover, and much more. Contact your Truno sales executive to begin implementing these best practices today.

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