Thought Leadership - Cash Accountability with TRUBalance

Cash Accountability with TRUBalance

Author Profile: TRUNO Corporate Trainer, Mark Ashley, has been in Point of Sale for thirty-seven years and with TRUNO for twenty-seven. Mark is an expert in ISS45 and manages all internal trainings out of the Truno Training Office in Lubbock, Texas.

Accountability is defined as, "the quality or state of being accountable; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions."Thought Leadership

The immense integrated solutions available in retail technology are responsiblefor tighter accountability at today’s point of sale. For example, the electronic journal in ISS45 and the ability to view transactions in Connected Payments, gives the user a host of audit trails.  With Connected Payments a store owner or manager can easily and efficiently review the EBT, EFT, ECC readings and verify they match the reports at the POS.

Accountability takes on a stronger meaning when considering cash. With so many hands involved, strong audit trails are necessary to ensure that at any given time cash reports are balanced to the register, safe, and bank.

BalanceAccounting for your store's cash balance can be a complex and labor intensive task. Over time, we’ve seen an evolvement in the best practices to balance your cash and maintain end of day reporting. From pen and paper to sophisticated excel spreadsheets; no doubt the advances have led to improved processes.

Today, TRUNO’s cloud-based software, TRUBalance, provides the next stride in store cash balancing and end of day reporting solutions. TRUBalance’s workflow is strategically designed for grocers to increase efficiency and accuracy. As a cloud-based solution, data is available from anywhere at anytime, and at less risk of being lost due to hardware failure. Set and maintain your authorized users’ accessibility within TRUBalance for increased security. Authorized users can pull key reports to analyze in real time, or have them sent straight to their inbox. TRUBalance is armed with a vast number of alerting and reporting capabilities, some of which include:

  • No data from MFS by HH:MM
  • Adjustments have been entered or exceed a specified amount
  • Over/Short exceeds a set threshold
  • No manual entries by a specific time

TRUBalance provides the right accountability to minimize errors and empower smart business decisions. Let’s get you balanced! Contact Truno today.








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