TeamTRUNO Trainers: Traveling Nationwide to Train By Your Side

TeamTRUNO Trainers: Traveling Nationwide to Train By Your Side

Truno would like to take the time to recognize our traveling warriors, the on-site trainers. On average, Truno trainers spend twenty weeks out of the year traveling to different locations around the country. When a trainer arrives on site they immediatelyTeamTRUNObecome the front line support for that customer during their entire stay. Wearing many hats, trainers retain a vast amount of knowledge and are uniquely adapt to applying it to individual store needs. The majority of the current trainings are comprised of converting ISS45 version 7 to version 8. The Truno training team also trains on Toshiba ACE, several back office programs, NCR self-checkouts, S4 win-AR, and TRUBalance – Truno’s cloud-based cash balancing software.

During their time in the store, a trainer never knows what issues they may run into that will need to be solved requiring them to be able to think on their feet. Many of the most common issues typically deal with Internet providers, lane printers, back office printers and parameters that the customer may want to change. The trainer is able to change and demonstrate any system parameters that the customer may want to consider. The Truno trainers take pride in always directing the customer towards the best practice, while ensuring the customer is happy and comfortable with the new way their system is set up.

2014 Trainings

A typical training is two and a half days long. This structure was designed to allow for two true openings and closings with the store personnel. A trainer’s goal on day one is to get the front end comfortable and trained, while making sure the grocer can still serve their customers in the best possible manner. Day two is spent working with managers, book keepers, and scan coordinators. This is usually the day where they cover reporting and any aspects of the system that were not covered on day one. The third and final day is spent primarily with the bookkeepers, making sure they went over all necessary back office topics. Even though a trainer spends many long hours on site, they enjoy the relationships they get to build with each customer. “It’s hard to believe that in just three days you can really get to know people. It is always bittersweet when the time comes to leave a store,” says trainer Ryan Kennedy.

Truno would not be able to operate without our team of trainers, but they are the first to recognize that it is a team effort. It begins with sales and their communication of expectations, which then flows to the implementations group where information is gathered from the customer. From there, training is employed to ensure customer success with the new product. In 2014, a total of 217 trainings were completed around the country. This would not have been possible without the contributions of everyone involved.

Truno would like to thank our outstanding team of trainers for their continued hard work and dedication to each and every customer.  

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