Imaging’s Impact on the Mobile Consumer

Leveraging Imaging to Harness the Power of the Mobile Consumer

Continuing to educate ourselves on the latest technology and how it can improve the operations of grocery retailers is a part of our conviction to remain trusted technology experts. As such, we recently attended Datalogic’s educational webinar discussing ways to Leverage Imaging to Harness the Power of the Mobile Consumer. Our takeaways from the session challenge grocers to take a look at the mobile consumer in a different light and act on connecting with them at the point of sale.

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Taught by product expert, Matt Monte of Datalogic, the session first examined consumers as a whole. According to Datalogic’s research, there are three drivers of Customer Satisfaction within the retail industry.


The class then zoomed in for a closer look at the checkout and what drives a positive experience for the customer. In a culture driven by the instant satisfaction of our mobile environment, consumers are looking for speed and convenience at the point of sale now more than ever.

According to Datalogic’s findings from Juniper Research, mobile shopping application usage has doubled since 2013. Additionally, the consumer engagement with mobile applications is becoming more widespread. Four main uses for mobile retail applications today are:

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There is no denying it – consumers are connected to their mobiles and expect certain conveniences through their mobile applications.

How does all of this knowledge apply to imaging? Image based scanners provide the opportunity for consumers to connect their point of sale to their mobile application through mobile coupons. Able to read bar codes, including 2D, in any orientation and on smartphones, imaging is the only platform available that unites the mobile consumer to the checkout. Able to meet, and exceed, the speed and accuracy of laser scanners, image based scanners feature the ability to enhance the customer experience like never before.

“We have several customers who are seeing success with the new Datalogic 9800i through the 2D imaging on the customer side of the check stand. Allowing them to read Frequent Shopper numbers and coupons directly from the phone, this new technology provides the opportunity for a mobile experience with the customer while at the checkout.” - Glen Glasscock, Chief Technology Officer, TRUNO

Simply put, they are the scanners of the future. In fact, according to Datalogic, 67% of people between the ages of 18-34 use mobile shopping applications. This group of consumers will be the driving force in retail now and well into the future. The statistics show that 55% of consumers in this age group are more likely to “favor” a store with advanced mobile capabilities.

So what does “favor” really mean? Here’s how they answered:

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Are your operations prepared to meet the needs of these influential consumers now and into the future? Truno is proud to partner with Datalogic to provide integrated solutions to image based bar codes scanners. Turn your POS into a competitive advantage.

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