Connected Payments : Resolution of Service Disruption

Connected Payments : Resolution of Service Disruption

Paul Willoughby On August 28th, 2015 NCR experienced a, “major degradation of their transaction services which resulted in some stores being unable to process transactions” through Connected Payments.  The issue began at approximately 3:15 PM EST and was resolved at approximately 10:00 PM EST.  Throughout the period of degradation, Paul Willoughby, Chief Operating Officer, remained in constant direct communication with NCR.  The following statement was released by NCR in the late hours on Friday, August 28th addressing their investigation:

“The root cause of this degraded state appears to be multi-faceted but is still being fully investigated.  With that said, we do believe one of the key underlying causes was a database indexing issue that resulted in an unprecedented spike in a database table which traditionally does not experience such a large volume. Although we do not anticipate any further processing degradation due to this issue, our teams have added additional programmatic monitoring moving forward.  The teams are also actively monitoring through the weekend, and into the coming days to insure ongoing stability.”

Upon recovery of the service disruption, Connected Payments experienced a backlog of offline transactions. NCR announced on Saturday, August 29th that reporting capabilities had been compromised. That evening NCR updated that time out reversal transactions had completed processing, and efforts to reconcile and provide data reports began.    

NCR continues to work diligently to extract clean data reports of duplicate transactions in correlation with the Connected Payments service disruption.  TRUNO is working with NCR as an advocate for our valued customers.  We will assist in the reconciliation and resolution of duplicate transactions.  We are in constant direct communication with the leaders of NCR and will continue to provide you with updated information as we receive it.  If you have any questions, please contact your TRUNO representative directly.  

We understand your frustrations - in both the service disruption, and the current timeline to recover the pertinent data.  TRUNO recognizes the severity of the Connected Payment incident on August 28th, 2015 and is committed to exhaust all resources to resolve and address your concerns.







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