5 Myths of Self Checkout


90% of consumers polled identify themselves as users of self checkout.

Source: 2014 Global Customer Study conducted by NPD Group for NCR

Are you prepared to meet the self-service expectations of consumers today?

In today’s competitive market, self–service is redefining the customer experience. Tech savvy consumers have been serving themselves at banks, airports, gas stations, and other establishments for years, making self-service necessary to remain competitive and stay relevant in today's market.  Many would argue it is an expected option of the customer experience today.  

Even with high consumer acceptance, some retailers are reluctant to abandon the traditional assisted lanes.  How do you know if self-checkout is right for your operations?  

Industry thought leader and self-service expert, Chris Kardashian, is headed to your neighborhood. Let TRUNO buy lunch while you learn the facts on improving customer service and reducing labor costs with self checkout.

June 28th : Double Tree Commerce (LA Area)

June 29th : Hilton Garden Inn, Palo Alto, CA

June 30th : Hilton, Stockton, CA

July 27th : Hilton Garden Inn Galleria, Houston, TX

July 28th : TRUNO Dallas Sales and Marketing Office

August 8th : Embassy Suites, Birmingham, AL

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NCR takes a look at five myths commonly associated with self checkout: 

1.  Self checkout will be the end of customer service.

False. Self-service actually improves your customer experience.

2.  I don’t have the floor space in my front-end for self checkouts.

Self checkout optimizes your front-end space for increased throughput.

3.  My customers would never use it.

On the contrary, consumers of all shapes and sizes are using it.

4.  It costs too much.

The truth is, not implementing a self-service solution will cost you.

5.  My sales volume is too small for self-checkout

No store is too small for the exceptional customer service that self checkout lanes offer.




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