5 Features You'll Want to Know About the Toshiba SurePOS Ace System

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One of the most important things you can do for your business in the New Year is to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your POS system. POS technology is ever-evolving, and if your system is outdated it probably costs you time and money – while also having a negative effect on your customer’s experience.

The challenge is to choose the POS system that makes the most sense for your type of business, whether it’s a grocery or retail operation. There is no shortage of POS systems available and picking the right one for you requires research and dedication to examining every feature a system has to offer.

That said, a system you want to consider is Toshiba’s SurePOS Ace. It is designed for supermarket retailers (and others such as chain drug and club retailers) who need the most powerful capabilities possibility at their POS and throughout the store. It’s a system engineered to generate revenue while deepening customer relationships.

Let’s take a closer look at the Toshiba SurePOS Ace system, including some of its features.

Mobile commerce-enabled

Many potential customers today – particularly millennials – are using their mobile devices for a wide variety of applications, including shopping. Integrating mobile capabilities enables you to take advantage of the ever-expanding popularity of mobile applications with minimal risk.

Coupon fraud prevention

The SurePOS Ace has enhanced its coupon fraud protection capabilities through the elimination of restrictions on the number of fraudulent coupons that can be entered. It also has a function that detects manufacturers coupons previously applied (via paper or electronically) for the same item.

Enhanced Payments Architecture and EMV Support

Toshiba’s all-new Enhanced Payments Architecture provides retailers with more flexibility and control through a forms-based PIN pad application. Easily customizable form decks also make it easier to respond more quickly to changes. The system comes with EMV support – which is the highest standard for the acceptance and authentification of credit and debit card transactions. Based on chip card technology, it improves security for you and your customers.

Enhanced Tender Restrictions

Enhanced tender restrictions provide retailers with the option of choosing to prevent mixed baskets of items in which some tender isn’t allowed for certain items and allowing or restricting what items can be purchased with specific tenders.

Support for QR code printing

Enhanced QR code printing promotes increasing interaction with your customers. Retailers can print a dynamic QR code to engage customers electronically through physical print. For example, customers will have the option to complete a survey by using a code printed at the bottom of the receipt or via a mobile device. It’s a great way to gain insight into your customer’s thoughts and build loyalty.

At TRUNO, we’re a certified Toshiba Commerce Alliance Diamond Partner. That means we’ve earned the highest level of partnership with Toshiba.


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