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TRUNO Case Study: How We Solve Retail Technology Problems

TRUNO, December 13, 2016


At TRUNO Retail Technology Solutions, we like to think of problems as being neither too big nor too small. It’s all about partnership, and as your partner, we stand ready to help you resolve any technology issue that comes your way.

Case Study

Increased Speed and Basket Size with NCR FastLane SelfServ

TRUNO, June 21, 2016

Short on Space

Simply put, Porter’s Thriftway was out of room. Business was growing and long lines were beginning to form during peak times. Porter’s began to realize the throughput their current footprint was providing was not going to cut it. Three additional checkout lanes were needed to accommodate their increase in sales, but Porter’s lacked the square footage to add the lanes. The disruption of demo and new construction was too costly to be an option. Porter’s was in search of a creative solution to maximize their current space.