Warehouse Management

In today’s dynamic distribution environment, it’s essential to maximize operational efficiencies while minimizing running costs. TRUNO’s warehouse management solutions support operational complexity, improve customer service and enable you to manage the realities of today’s global supply chain.

Solution Overview


Our warehouse solutions improve inventory accuracy, maximize space utilization and streamline workflow for greater customer satisfaction. Our rules-based system architecture is flexible, customizable and easy to implement. Our purchasing and prorating tools were developed specifically to meet the needs of grocery retailers, so your buyers can allocate product to stores in the event of shortages. And our solutions integrate with business systems all the way to the point of delivery, ensuring seamless data flow.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily adapts to your present and future inventory models and business process, preventing operational disruption and downtime during times of change

  • Scales to fit operations from single warehouse to multi-facility, growing with your business

  • Minimizes inventory shrinkage due to expired product and reduces user errors in picking, to eliminate waste and improve accuracy

  • Includes dynamic route planning and proof of delivery, improving transportation efficiency and reducing mileage

Technical Specs


  • Windows-based software with internet browser-based interface
  • Options for both on-premise or cloud installation



Improve inventory accuracy in your warehouse. Quickly and easily update shelf pricing. Simplify monitoring and management of your scale network. TRUNO can help with all of this and more, protecting your bottom line.

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