Scan & Go App

Today’s busy shoppers are always looking for convenience. And as a grocer, your goal is to make their experience as convenient and frictionless as possible. TRUNO offers a scan-and-go mobile app that does just that. It puts the point of sale directly into your customers’ hands and lets them skip the line altogether.

Solution Overview

Innovating the in-store experience should start in the same place the grocery list starts: in the shopper’s home. Our comprehensive mobile shopping app helps customers build their shopping list before they even get to the store. Then once they’re in the store, it helps shoppers find their items more easily and check items off the list as they go. Or if they haven’t prepared a list, shoppers can simply scan and bag their groceries as they shop.

Customers can then use attended checkout at an existing, designated terminal, or they can opt to make a mobile payment directly from their phones. With mobile payment, customers simply present a digital receipt to an employee for validation prior to exiting the store. Mobile shopping lets retailers reassign personnel to focus more on sales generation or customer service tasks, rather than just collecting payment. Its popularity with shoppers can also lead to increased foot traffic and larger basket size.

Features & Benefit
  • Allows shoppers to create shopping lists they can share with others in real-time
  • Lets customers add to their list by scanning UPCs with their mobile device or manually entering them
  • Helps users find relevant deals from local circulars and add them to a list
  • Provides customers access to their user profile and complete order history
  • Prompts shoppers to check-in to the market of their choice
  • Allows participating grocers to customize the skin of the app to match their branding

  • Sorts shopping lists by aisle or product location, and helps shoppers locate in-store deals
  • Checks items off of the list as they’re scanned and added to a virtual cart
  • Provides a digital receipt that shoppers can present to an employee for validation prior to exiting

Technical Specs

  • Integrates with many popular POS systems, including ISS45, Encor, Ace and ACS-IR
  • Supports independent single-store grocers, as well as large chains
  • Cloud-based mobile application is compatible with both Apple and Android devices
  • Payment options include:
    • Attended checkout at an existing terminal
    • Mobile payment via credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Integrates with TRUNO’s TruCommerce solution



The way your customers shop is changing, and TRUNO can help you adapt to meet their needs—whether that means implementing a loyalty program or integrating an eCommerce solution.

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