Business Intelligence

When you drill down into your sales, you gain a better understanding of when and why things are selling. TRUNO Business Intelligence helps track sales and item movement for real-time, data-based decision making. By continuously refining your strategy, you drive competitive advantage.

Solution Overview

TRUNO Business Intelligence enables you to drill down on item sales and action data to help determine who, what, when and how. The cloud-based tools put sales data and analytics at your fingertips on any device, anytime.

Powerful KPI analysis makes it easy to visualize and understand complex data. You can look at the store as a whole or drill down into a specific department or individual lane.

With our proprietary statistical processes, you uncover hidden associations between product purchases and sales to better understand customer behavior and develop stronger promotions. With just a few clicks, you can easily compare items, test sales promo outcomes and learn if price cuts were effective.

Features & Benefits

  • Customize dashboards to focus on the data most important to you
  • Create categories for custom analysis rather than drawing from preset, fixed categories
  • Generate graphs, charts, and tables for chosen KPIs to easily visualize and analyze complex data
  • Run custom SQL queries to answer any question you can design
  • Identify each customer’s related product purchases through algorithmic analysis, strengthening customer loyalty programs
  • Refine and maximize promotional strategy planning for higher margin returns
  • Access sales data on-the-go with the mobile app for up-to-date information when you need it
  • Analyze individual cashier actions to improve performance and strengthen loss prevention programs

Technical Specs


  • Fully PCI compliant
  • Integrates with common POS systems, including ISS-45 V8, Toshiba ACE, and ACS-IR



From security and loss prevention to fresh-item management, TRUNO has you covered. Our business intelligence solution can also give you the data you need to make informed decisions.

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