Business Intelligence

When you drill down into your sales, you gain a better understanding of when and why things are selling. TRUNO TruView grants grocery retailers quick access into real time summary data for insight into sales performance, history, and important trends.  By continuously refining your strategy, you drive competitive advantage.  Unlock meaningful insight across your grocery stores. 

Solution Overview

TRUNO's Business Intelligence platform and mobile application, TruView, grants point of sale clients quick access to real time summary data for insight into sales performance, history, and important trends across all of their stores. Clients can compare the data between any subset of stores and see the totals for each location as well as the cumulative total between all locations. TruView make use of the TruConnection architecture which pulls the full data set from your operations. This enables complete flexibility to the standardized reports provided.

Features & Benefits

  • View sales and item movement from the POS system in real-time for quick access at any time of day
  • Available any browser or mobile device with access to the TruView website for easy access to insights
  • Drill-down from high-level company performance all the way to the details of an individual department of a single store for a complete view of operations
  • All table data can be exported to CSV, XLS, or PDF for easy consumption and integration into other systems
  • The TruConnection architecture allows complete flexibility to existing and customer specific reporting

Technical Specs

The TruView Consolidated Data module aggregates sales information by date(s) and location(s). The data can also be viewed at the Department and Item level across multiple locations.
  • Hierarchy or Location Level Summary Sales
  • Hourly Sales View
  • Department / Department Group Organization
  • Hourly Department Sales View
  • Item Movement Sales Data Advanced Searching
  • Tender Specific Summary Totals
The TruView End of Day allows access to all ISS45 POS reports in PDF format across your locations. Multiple days for single location and single report may be accessed at one time. Report PDF’s may be downloaded or printed from the user interface.
The TruView Electronic Journal module contains all transactions from all stores uploaded in real time. Transactions from multiple stores my be viewed at the same time. Available receipts are able to be viewed, downloaded, printed or batch downloaded in their original format.
Advance Filters Allow for Searching/Viewing:
  • POS Transaction Number
  • Cashier ID and Name
  • Lane ID
  • POS Department ID and Name
  • UPC
  • Item Description
  • POS Tender ID and Name
  • Exact, Minimum and Maximum Transaction Time
  • Minimum and Maximum Transaction Amount
  • Contains Item Equal, Less Than or Greater Than Amount



From security and loss prevention to fresh-item management, TRUNO has you covered. Our business intelligence solution can also give you the data you need to make informed decisions.

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