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The Retail Shelf: The Underutilized Secret Weapon of Shopper Engagement and Loyalty

Cooper Phillips, February 12, 2024

The Covid-19 pandemic, national labor shortage, and record-high inflation have driven grocery retailers to invest in technology and practices that limit how customers interact with their stores and employees. This includes self-checkout, which limits customer and employee interaction, and online grocery ordering, which limits the customer, employees, and whole store to almost no interaction at all. While these are more than worthwhile investments for grocers and their success, it does not address the customers who prefer to shop in-store, look for the best deals on items, and generally want to interact and engage with your store and brand. A study recently found that 77% of shoppers still prefer to buy perishable food and beverages in-store. Additionally, another study found that due to inflation, 79% of shoppers are actively looking for discounts while shopping, and 68% had consolidated their driving trips.