Ranch Market
Clayton, NM

Customer Case Study


Ranch Market in Clayton, New Mexico, was looking for a way to improve its customer experience. By partnering with TRUNO and Swift Shopper, it now provides customers with a more convenient way to check out.

Ranch Market is an independent grocer in Clayton, New Mexico. Opened in 1987, over the last two decades the Moore Family has worked to serve the Clayton community. Owner Brian Moore is dedicated to both his customers and community, and strives to provide the freshest produce, meats, and a unique variety of foods.

To compete with larger format retailers in the area, Moore recognized he needed to be innovative and decrease the time it takes for customers to check out of the store. Because of limited floorspace, however, his options for additional checkout lanes was limited. Seeking alternative ways to improve shopper throughput while keeping up with today’s customer expectations, Moore sought guidance from a leading retail technology partner: TRUNO.


Seamless integration with existing systems


Solution utilizes existing store hardware


Mobile app decreased checkout time


No disruption to customers during implementation


Ranch Market customers were accustomed to traditional checkout lines, but as the grocer’s business grew, they wanted a faster, more convenient way to check out. But Ranch Market had limited options available. Due to the current space in the brick and mortar store, it didn’t have the footprint available for adding more traditional or self-checkout lanes. And the price tag of new lanes wasn’t attractive, either. In addition, it was important not to disrupt business operations or inconvenience customers while installing equipment for any new solution.

“We have always been driven to provide the highest level of customer service we can,” said Moore. “Our customers wanted a more convenient way to checkout at our store, and we needed to find a solution that fit both our existing space and our budget.”


TRUNO was able to recommend and implement a creative self-service solution that was an affordable, modern alternative to adding new checkout lanes. Using its TruCommerce middleware platform, TRUNO was able to seamlessly integrate the Swift Shopper scan and go mobile app with Ranch Market’s existing hardware, point of sale software, and back office systems. The mobile app provides Ranch Market customers a modern self-service way to check themselves out of the store with two convenient payment options:

  • FlyPass to pay through the mobile app, and
  • FlyThru to pay at the register.

“TRUNO helped us launch the Swift Shopper app fully integrated into our operations, without any disruption to our business or inconvenience to our customers,” Moore said.

“TRUNO helped us launch the Swift Shopper app fully integrated into our operations, without any disruption to our business or inconvenience to our customers. Partnering with TRUNO, we’ve pioneered an amazing store experience for our customers.”

-Brian Moore, Owner of Ranch Market


In just three months from the Swift Shopper launch, Ranch Market was seeing benefits to its new checkout system and an overall improvement to customer service.

“Customers now come in for quick purchases, like a burrito and coffee in the morning, or to pick up dinner or snacks,” said Moore. “They now can grab quick items using the app and pay for them without waiting in line.”

With the Swift Shopper mobile app, Ranch Market customers use FlyPass for smaller baskets and a quick in-and-out, while they use FlyThru with larger baskets to pay at the register. Many shoppers use the app as part of their daily routine, looking for deals, making shopping lists, or checking themselves out of the store.

3 months from launch to positive results

37% of shoppers downloaded the app within the first 3 months

22% of shoppers that downloaded the app use it daily

2 mobile app payment options: FlyPass and FlyThru

101 mobile checkouts in the first month alone


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