Food Giant

Customer Case Study


Food Giant turns to TRUNO, Retail Technology Solutions to implement centralized promotions software, improving the company’s efficiency while saving it $78,000 per year.

Food Giant is an employee-owned grocery chain of 107 locations in Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Georgia. Operating since, 2004 Food Giant is a family business that includes store names such as Food Giant, Piggly Wiggly, Foodliner, Mad Butcher, Big Star, Marketplace, and Sureway.

Priding themselves in providing fresh food with friendly service and prices, managing Food Giant's promotions was becoming a less than friendly task within their every day business operations.


Centralized promotions solution


Managed across 107 locations


Installed within two weeks


$78,000 annual cost savings


The pay-as-you-go model provided by Food Giant’s previous Point of Sale “software-as-a-service” (SasS) provider was proving to be costly. Due to liability issues and a multifarious user system, Food Giant found themselves in an inefficient, unproductive position. Additionally, the software was only able to manage less than 33% of their locations centrally. Extra man-hours and financial resources were wasted setting up promotions at the store level for the remaining 67% of their locations. Delivering the promotions promised to Food Giant’s customers quickly and accurately was becoming tough and expensive to administer.


TRUNO, Retail Technology Solutions was able to provide custom, integrated Enhanced Promotion Hosting software that eliminated these business pains with minimal upfront investment. “Together, we saw an inefficiency that TRUNO knew could be improved with a creative solution,” said Steven Watters, President at TRUNO. “It’s our job as technology partners to listen to business needs in order to develop and provide economical solutions to make customers' operations run effectively.”
“TRUNO's solution provided a lower cost, reliable solution that ensures we can implement all types of promotions quickly and accurately which ultimately has improved our customer service.”

-Brent Benton, Owner at Food Giant


The centralized promotions solution provided by TRUNO immediately eliminated the weekly cost associated with Food Giant’s previous program, saving them $78,000 annually, on going. “It provided a lower cost, reliable solution that ensures we can implement all types of promotions quickly and accurately which ultimately has improved our customer service,” said Brent Benton, Owner at Food Giant. After employing the TRUNO custom, integrated Enhanced Promotion Hosting software, Food Giant is now able to manage promotions for all 107 of their locations through one centralized system in a matter of minutes, greatly reducing the amount of labor dollars required.

With immediate ROI accounted for, employing the TRUNO centralized promotions solution was an easy decision for Food Giant. A decision that ultimately led to Food Giant’s selection of TRUNO as their complete technology partner. Food Giant’s success continues, and they have seen large growth and expansion as their customer reach extends. TRUNO has seen them through these large projects with agility, some with installation deadlines as short as two weeks. “TRUNO has proven to react quickly and tackle large projects with short deadlines. No matter what we throw at them, the TRUNO team has never let us down.” Brent Benton said of the partnership between Food Giant and TRUNO, Retail Technology Solutions.

168,956+ annual
service and support calls

1,807 pinpads rolled
out in under 6 weeks
$300k savings in potential shrink for supermarket chain
99% success rate in meeting SLA
Reconciliation of cost discrepancies across +1,000 invoices


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