Truno Business Partnerships

backed by world-class partnerships

At Truno we are proud to be backed by world-class partnerships with leaders in the retail and technology industry.  For over 35 years, Truno has developed strong working relationships with our partners based on mutual respect and a sincere desire to provide grocers the retail solutions they need to stay competitive in today's marketplace.  Together, we take pride in accomplishing our goal of bringing the best technology solutions to all our customers.

  • Truno, Retail Technology Solutions is a Diamond Partner in Toshiba's Together Commerce Alliance. As the highest-ranking members of this global program, Diamond Partners are recognized for their level of industry expertise and the leading contribution they make to Toshiba’s vision for retailer-consumer engagement – Together Commerce. Collectively, the Together Commerce Alliance is developing new ways to enhance the consumer buying experience through the seamless integration of people and technology.
  • Truno, Retail Technology Solutions is an NCR Certified Retalix Solution Provider. As a Certified Retalix Solution Provider, Truno has demonstrated superior product knowledge and market success. Through innovation and integration, Truno actively collaborates with NCR and Retalix to provide client value.
  • Truno, Retail Technology Solutions is a Premier Business Partner in IBM's PartnerWorld Program. Premier Business Partners have demonstrated superior skills and market success. They actively collaborate with IBM to deliver significant client value through innovative solutions.