Kara Watson

Chief Marketing Officer


Kara Watson believes the experiences of her entire career have led her to TRUNO. As a tax consultant for a large accounting firm, Kara was fascinated by the way branding drove the success of the firm’s major retail clients. So much so, that she began taking steps to transition from accounting into marketing. When she found TRUNO through a networking contact, she knew that transition had been the right one. Kara joined the TRUNO team as Director of Marketing in 2013 and now serves as Chief Marketing Officer.

Kara believes in going the extra mile and encouraging others to step outside their comfort zones. As the head of marketing at TRUNO, she believes in embracing and adapting to change, as well as pushing herself and others to always set newer and higher goals. Kara admires and adores TRUNO customers and loves being part of the customer-centric culture that is TRUNO. 

Kara graduated college with a bachelor's degree in accounting. Once she moved into marketing, she’s never looked back. Outside TRUNO, she says doing yoga keeps her sane, juggling babies keeps her laughing, and having a glass of wine with her husband keeps her happy.

Key words to live by:

  • It’s simple: Don't doubt. Don't pout. Figure it out.