Brad Ralston



A finance major in college, Brad Ralston began his career as a banker, where he loved raising capital and creating new opportunities for people and companies. He continued pursuing those interests when he joined the TRUNO family as Chief Financial Officer in 2006. Brad became TRUNO’s Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the board in 2011.

As a leader, Brad believes in being genuine, open and honest with our customers and with each other. He readily admits that the reason he is so comfortable being part of the TRUNO culture is that, frankly, he loves the people he works with. Brad is responsible for the overall performance of TRUNO. He puts a lot of faith in those he works with and expects results. Therefore, it is his mission to ensure every team at TRUNO has what it needs to succeed—and to provide every customer the partnership, solution, service and experience they deserve. 

Brad holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Texas Tech University, where he was given an All-American honorable mention for the Red Raiders baseball team. These days, when not in the TRUNO office, you’ll be more likely find him enjoying time with his family or sneaking off for a round of golf.

Key words to live by:

  • Operate with perfect intentions
  • Be genuine