For grocers, the addition of fuel sales can significantly boost sales in other merchandise categories, drive additional same-store sales, and increase shopper volume. TRUNO’s fuel solutions make it easy to manage the fuel environment, even for staff with no prior experience in pump operations.

Solution Overview


Designed specifically for the grocery industry, our fuel option integrates seamlessly with your POS system. This allows you to treat fuel as just another PLU, as well as opening new possibilities for cross-merchandising with grocery. The easy-to-operate fuel option provides store managers with detailed reporting, allowing them to understand sales by shift or day, to manage multiple fuel pricing levels, and to and monitor and receive fuel deliveries.

Features & Benefits

  • Offer full and self-service operations, making it easy for busy customers

  • Accept pay-at-pump, pre-pay, post-pay and fleet cards for maximum customer convenience

  • Introduce promotions to reward loyalty, time-of-day or grocery purchases, thereby increasing sales

  • Simplify pump oversight with instant status notifications, including drive-off and nozzle-out, making training simpler and less intimidating for staff

Technical Specs


  • Support for up to 32 tanks, 16 pure products, and 32 mode schemes per pump
  • Complete tank monitoring system with level and leak alarms, water level readings
  • Full graphical touch screen
  • Car wash management and control option



TRUNO can help you find the right POS hardware and software, integrate them into your existing systems, and provide the service and support you need to keep your business running.

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